Get Out Your Hamantaschen and Graggers: Purim Events 2014

Saturday March 15th through March 16th is the Jewish event, Purim. Purim is a celebratory event and there are many celebrations taking place on Long Island.

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Starting the evening of March 15th and ending at sunset on March 16th is the Jewish celebration of Purim. Purim is a celebration of the Jewish deliverance into the Persian Empire.

The story behind Purim celebrates the defeat the king of Persia from his plot to destroy the Jewish people. Mordecai and his adopted daughter Ester saved the Jewish people and Ester became the Queen of Persia. This event in Jewish history is celebrated with a great feast.

With the celebration, beside to eating and drinking, one is to give charity, have the Scroll of Ester read, and wear masks and costumes. Common foods to be eaten during the holiday are pastries called hamantashcen, triangular pastries with jelly in the middle, and kreplach, dumpling filled with meat.

So, get your masks and have a Purim party! Or, if you are unable to, check out one of the many events happening on Long Island in celebration of Purim! 

How will you celebrate Purim? Tell us in the comments below!