Local Spring Brews Every Long Island Beer Enthusiast Must Try


Be sure to stock up on these great local seasonal beers.

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Now that spring is on its way, we can start looking forward to trying some of the great seasonal beers from one of the many breweries located right here on Long Island.

Finding a local brewery is no problem for beer enthusiasts on Long Island. Most local breweries offer tastings and tours if you’re interested in trying a seasonal before picking up a case. Or you can check out a local pub that offers local beers as well.

Anyone that enjoys spring seasonal beers will want to give these brews a chance before the season is over:

Spring Fling
Blue Point Brewery
This Copper Ale offers a blend of hoppy and malty flavors with a hint of nuts and honey.
Hopsy Dazy Session IPA
Great South Bay Brewery
As you can guess from the name of this beer, this IPA is strong on the hops.
Spring Turning Rye Saison
Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.
A French farmhouse style ale that is offered in late Spring. This slightly dry brew offers pilsner malt flavors with unmalted wheat and hops.
Biere De Mars
Southampton Publick House
This is another French farmhouse style ale, which seem to be popular during the Spring season. This version has a strong hoppy flavor blended with wheat and barley malts.
Port Jeff Brewing Company
A spicy German-style rye with a banana clove finish from yeast.
Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout
Brooklyn Brewery
Although not technically part of Long Island, making the trip to Brooklyn is well worth it to try this refreshing a rich dry stout, which will only be available until the end of March.

Photo by dyet via Free Images.