finallllllllllly ..... the WWF has come back to LONG ISLAND!

This past Tuesday, the WWF held their weekly Smackdown tapings over at the Nassau Coliseum. Here are the results: The night started with a few video clips to whet the crowds appetite. The Mick Foley ...

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This past Tuesday, the WWF held their weekly Smackdown tapings over at the Nassau Coliseum. Here are the results:

The night started with a few video clips to whet the crowds appetite. The Mick Foley tribute video and Limp Bizkit's "Rollin' " music video were shown.Tony Chimmel hyped a bunch of upcoming New York WWF events, with the crowd booing massively at the mention of the horrid New York XFL franchise, The Hitmen.

Dark Matches

(1) Scott Vick defeated Steve Bradley. Vick wins with a kyrptonite krunch (a/k/a the finisher Mike Modest used in Beyond the Mat)

(2) Inferno Kid beat Mike Dell. The Inferno Kid won after using a sort of reverse Buff Blockbuster where the opponents back is to the rope. It didn't come off too well as Dell had to walk backwards and peek behind his shoulder, while also pretending to be groggy the whole time.A WWF video clip package was shown to (*gag*) The Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life."

Heat Tapings (2/18 airdate)

(1) Haku beat Hardcore Holly. Haku pins Holly while applying the Tongan Death Grip.

(2) Undertaker defeated Christian (w/Edge) by DQ. Undertaker easily dominated Christian, and got the DQ victory after Edge attacked Undertaker with a chair. Kane came out for the save.

(3) Eddie Guerrero beat K-Kwik. Guerrero won after a frog splash.Kurt Angle Interview. Kurt ran down all of The Rock's admirable traits, claiming he had them too, and he truly is "The People's Champion". He reminds the crowd of his pinfall over Rocky in the 6 man Hell in the Cell match, and proclaims "Bhrama Bulls will fly out of my butt before I lose to the Rock.

"Smackdown Tapings (2/15 airdate)Smackdown opens with a video package of the conclusion of the Raw main event, where Triple H won his choice of stipulations for No Way Out, thanks to Rock's victory over Rikishi.Vince McMahon Interview. Vince comes out to kick off this special Valentine's edition of Smackdown. Vince extends a Valentine's day greeting to his wife, and then introduces another family member, Triple H. Triple H finally divulges his match choice for No Way Out- a "special" 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall is a straight, standard wrestling match. Fall number 2 is a no DQ street fight. Triple H rubs it into Foley supporters when he brings up his street fight victory over Long Islands own Mick Foley a little over a year ago. The third fall, if necessary, will be a steel cage match... I would've chosen a Wrestlemania #1 contender's match, but that's just me. Vince McMahon orders Austin to take on Benoit, and as per Triple H's request, grants him a match against The Rock.Short clips were shown of Linda McMahon at an upper class mental hospital.

(1) Kane (w/Undertaker) beat Edge (w/Christian). The Dudleys, and their table made their way to ringside for the match. Kane got the victory after a flying lariat. In post match antics, Kane accidentally was knocked off the apron through the table when Undertaker whipped Christian into him. Kane recovered enough to engage in a little double chokeslam action with Undertaker on Edge and Christian, while the Dudleys looked on from the top of the ramp.Kevin Kelly greets Stone Cold in the lot and tells him of Triple H's stipulations, to which Austin simply laughs.XFL commercial airs and more boos for the hopeless Hitmen.A video clip is shown of William Regal mentioning the WWF winning some sort of British Award that involves action figure of the WWF superstars. Regal notes to himself to get a new agent.Kevin Kelly confronts Al Snow leaving the Coliseum. Snow tells Kelly that he won't stick around to be punished by McMahon again, and he will visit Mick Foley.In a backstage interview, Benoit explains his strategy to Lillian Garcia, while berating her.A clip is shown of Dean Malenko's ambush against Lita on Raw.Back in the locker room, Lita lets the Hardy's know of her intentions to stay with them at ringside rather than stay in the back.

(2) Matt Hardy (w/Lita, Jeff Hardy) beat Perry Saturn (w/Terri). Malenko slowly makes his way to ringside, grabbing and kissing Lita while Jeff was preoccupied with Terri. Matt Hardy won with a rollup pin amid all of the confusion. After the match, Lita put out... a challenge to take on Dean Malenko on Raw.Raven talks to Jonathan Coachman about his acceptance of a Hardcore Title match against the Big Show. Raven claims a successful title defense against the Big Show will cement his status as the WWF's greatest Hardcore Champion of all time. Under further prodding from The Coach, Raven admits he's fighting because Vince McMahon ordered him to.

(3) Steve Austin defeated Chris Benoit. Triple H came to ringside during the match, distracting the ref during an Austin pinfall, then sliding a steel chair to Benoit, who still fell victim to a Stunner and lost.Vince heads to the ring with a heart shaped box of chocolates and shows a video clip of him visiting his wife Linda at the luxurious mental hospital. Linda remains silent and non-responsive through out the entire clip. Vince brings her flowers and mentions how much he cherishes their union. He brings up the fact that divorce would cost him half of everything he owns, including the WWF. Vince then introduces Trish to his wife and gives Linda's flowers to her. Back in the ring, Vince introduces William Regal and Trish Stratus, soon after which, Stephanie came to ring and speared Trish. Regal and Vince separated the two.In the garage, Regal and Vince sent Trish home in a limo. Regal suggested to Vince that a match between Trish and Steph would be profitable.

(4) X-Pac beat Chris Jericho via DQ when Eddie Guerrero interfered. Jericho applauded X-Pac's change from a greasy bandanna wearing jerky in black and green tights to a greasy bandanna wearing jerky in black and red tights. X- Pac gave Y2J the X-Factor, but was unable to win the title when Eddie Guerrero came to the ring to break up the pin. Justin Credible joined the fray, but the ring was cleared by Jericho and Guerrero. Jericho then laid out Latino Heat with a chair shot.Angle hypes the British award Regal mentioned earlier, having the Angle action figure beat up on the other toys.

(5) Raven fought Big Show to a no contest in a Hardcore Championship match. Big Show starts the match off by selling less than Billy Gunn merchandise. The woman in black buys Raven more time to fend off the Big Show. Kaientai, Albert, K-Kwik, Val Venis, Tazz, Hardcore Holly, and Steve Blackman all try to pin Raven, who eventually escapes with the help of the "ninja woman".Kevin Kelly is shown by the Rock's locker room, giving himself an inner nose massage.Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock. The Rock reveals Kelly's little secret, and forces Kelly to keep his finger in his nose throughout the whole promo. Rocky claims he won the match on Raw for no one except himself, and puts a warning out to Kurt Angle, Triple H, and even Steve Austin.

(6) The Rock fought Triple H to a no contest. Austin took a ringside commentary position for the match, finally interjecting himself when Kurt Angle came to ringside to attack the Rock with the referee knocked out. Austin helped the ref regain his senses after the Rock hit a Rock Bottom, and The Great One picked up a pinfall victory. Chris Benoit came to ringside after the finish helping Angle and Triple H beat down the faces. The cameras went off as Benoit had Austin trapped in a Crippler Crossface and Angle had an Ankle Lock submission applied to The Rock, while Triple H celebrated with a beer, pouring it on Austin.

After the Cameras Stopped Rolling

Angle and Benoit celebrated with beers, only to be caught in a Stunner and Rock Bottom. Austin and The Rock shared a few beers... well actually Austin had a few beers, while Rocky took small sips and poured out the contents, hoping no one would notice. Austin and Rocky invited Angle and Benoit to share some suds, where they were once again met with a Stunner and Rock Bottom.

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