Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas


Dress your home with love for Valentine's Day with these easy do-it-yourself decor ideas!

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to prepare some easy and fun do-it-yourself décor for the home. Dress your home with love through crafts like flowerpot heart sticks, ‘I Love You’ jars filled with sweet messages or candy, Valentine’s glitter flameless votive and much more. Many of these crafts are so easy to do that you can even involve young kids in the fun!

  • Flowerpot Heart Sticks.
    Get your indoor and outdoor plants dressy for Valentine’s Day with heart sticks. Take a look from The Red Headed Hostess for the various designs and details.

    To make it:  You’ll need colored wooden hearts, glue, skewers, glitter, moss and a hot glue gun with glue sticks. Get full instructions at The Red Headed Hostess.
  • Jar Filled with Love.
    This craft can dress the home up and it makes a great giveaway piece, too. Choose between filling it up with candy or special love notes.

    To make it: Take a mini mason jar with cap and wrap yarn or twine around the middle of the jar. Include one strand with a button looped in to wrap to the middle of the jar, insert a cut-out heart from felt behind the button. Fill the jar with whatever you want. For full instructions, go to Crème de la Craft.

  • Valentine’s Glitter Flameless Votive.
    Need to set the right mood and ambience? Go with a glittery flameless votive set. The warm flameless candlelight will shine through the heart shaped frame of the glass mason jar.

    To make it:  Take vinyl or shelf liner and cut out a heart shape to suit the size of your glass mason jar. Stick it to the inside, center-middle wall and pour a small amount of polyurethane into the jar – enough to coat the entire interior wall of the jar. Put the lid back on and shake up the jar to coat the wall. Any excess polyurethane should be poured out. Next, pour glitter in and shake with lid closed to coat the wall. Let the jar dry overnight and by morning you can peel off the heart and insert flameless candles. Get the full instructions from Tatertots and Jello.
    WARNING: Not for use with fire lit candles or tea lights due to risk of flammability.

  • Cupid’s Arrow.
    This craft is perfect if you’re looking to surprise your love and want to direct her to walk to a certain path in the house. Create cupid arrows and lay them along the path that needs to be followed.

    To make it: Gather as many candy sticks as you need and tape the arrowhead, a fletching, and a heart with a slit to each (using the template at parents.com/arrow-card).

Photo by Maare Liiv, via Free Images.