Show Mom You Care With These Sweet Valentine's Day Gestures

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing your significant other that you care, it’s about showing mom that you care too!

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Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by surprising mom with a heartfelt surprise, gift or gesture! The gift or gesture doesn’t have to be anything too over the top, it can be something simple or homemade, just as long as it’s based off of the likes and preferences of your own mom! If your mother loves cooking and messing around in the kitchen, make her a gift basket filled to the brim with cool, new kitchen gadgets. If your mom loves and appreciates a good sentimental gift, put together a scrapbook of cherished memories you’ve shared together over the years!

Check out these other great ways to show mom that you care this Valentine’s Day!

Make Her a Beautiful Birdhouse! Making a birdhouse for mom is a simple, sweet gesture, and the perfect potential idea for a child’s Valentine’s gift to their mother. Perhaps her new birdhouse will even inspire her to participate in snapping some photos for the 18th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count on Long Island!

Prepare a Heart-Shaped Treat! Do you know what your mother’s favorite meal of the day is? then why not prepare her a heart-shaped meal that corresponds with that choice! If mom loves breakfast surprise her with eggs in a basket, but instead of putting the egg in a circle in the middle of the piece of bread, make the circle a heart! If mom has more of a sweet tooth, make her some heart-shaped fudge pops!

Sign Mom Up for the Wine of the Month Club! As a member of the Wine of the Month Club, your mother will receive two great wines each month delivered right to her door! Each package is shipped with a newsletter describing who made the wine, where the wine came from, what to look for in the wine and more. If mom prefers beer over wine, sign her up for the Beer of the Month Club instead!

Create a Scrapbook of Cherished Memories! Using old photos, scrapbook paper, stickers, and your own creativity, make mom a scrapbook packed full of memories you’ve shared together! She’ll love it, feel appreciated and have something she can look back at for years to come.

Put Together a Basket of Cool Kitchen Gadgets! If your mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, help her update her kitchen gadgets and accessories with cool, cute, techie, buys! The Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter available at Bed Bath & Beyond allows you to make spaghetti out of vegetables like zucchini and squash! RSVP Herb Scissors from Amazon will help mom get those herbs chopped in a jif and the adorable salt and pepper magic wand shakers from Amazon will have mom feeling like a fairy godmother as she spices up her food.

Get Her the Traditional Card & Flowers! It may seem overdone and cliche to simply get mom a card and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but if you think that’s what your mother will like the most, get her what she likes and forget the cliche!