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Bohemian Wedding Inspiration: Planning a Laid Back Evening for Everyone

Organize a relaxed yet fun evening for you and your wedding guests with these Bohemian style ideas!

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Bohemian style weddings have become much more popular for the couples out there who are interested in throwing a more casual celebration that isn’t too over the top. This type of wedding features comfortable and flowy dresses for the bride and her bridesmaids, with lots of beautiful floral arrangements such as sunflowers all around the celebration and in the women's hair. 
A lot of Bohemian themed weddings take place outside during the warmer months because it goes perfectly with the outdoorsy, laid back feel. If you want to start planning but aren’t sure where to begin, take a look at these ideas to help put together the ideal Bohemian themed wedding! 
The Bride
A Bohemian bride radiates beauty in a way that looks almost effortless. This means nothing too over the top and showy. A great look for the bride at this styled wedding is some wavy curls in her hair with a flower to complete the look. Choose a flower that goes well with the season and other floral arrangements that you’ll be using as decor. As for the dress, Bohemian brides usually like to go with a flowy dress that they can be comfortable in. This leaves them feeling weightless and able to dance the night away! 
Seating Cards
Set up a board filled with mini colorful dream catchers and attach each guests’ name with their table number. Place the board at the entrance of the party so your friends and family can grab their dream catcher as they walk in the door. After the party is over, allow them to bring the dream catchers home to generate some positive energy their way! 
Set a free-spirited mood for you and your guests by hanging feather garlands in certain areas of the party. You can stick with one color and do white feathers so they match well with your theme colors (if you have any) or you can switch it up a bit and do multi-colored feathers!  As for the lighting at your event, there are some neat ways to get creative, especially at a wedding that is held outdoors! Purchase some lanterns and hang them from the tree branches with mini candles inside. When the sun goes down, your surroundings will be beautiful and it will set the mood for a romantic, but fun evening.
Alternatives to Common Ideas
Some brides that choose this theme decide to not wear any shoes! This idea isn’t for everyone but it definitely is a popular Bohemian look that will look amazing in person and in photos. A fun idea is to wear some bead sandals with no sole, this way you can add some glitz without having to wear shoes. 
The garter is a traditional wedding item that has been around for ages. If you’re interested in doing something a little more unique, throw on some elegant body jewelry! This way you are still following the traditional route of having something to wear on your thigh, but it will flow a lot nicer with your Bohemian theme. 
Thank your guests by sending them home with a little something they can put to use. Fill up mason jars with delicious honey and tie a ribbon to it with your wedding date on it. Along with the ribbon, stick a feather on there, too! This will match your feather garlands all while perfectly representing your theme.
Have a Bohemian style wedding idea you would like to share with us? Comment below!