Celiac Disease Symptoms and the Diet Chart


The celiac disease symptoms affect the digestion system and even the bones. One should have a proper Celiac disease diet and avoid fatty foods with it's medications

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What is celiac disease

is still a serious matter among the sufferers and the medical experts.Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestines. It has been observed that the illness occurs due to genetic reason and the people of all age groups are prone to the disease. It came in the medical supervision of 19th Century. The small intestines are helpful to digest the food and divert as energy inside the body. The small intestines transport the food to the colon. If a person is suffering with Celiac disease, the inner line of the small intestines suffers with allergic reaction and thus disturbs the whole digestion system.The

Celiac disease symptoms

depend upon the person's age and health condition. At times, people suffer with the disease without any symptoms.

It has been observed that the diet has played a very important role in the healing process of any disease. Thus, including the other treatment process, a perfect diet can also be helpful to treat Celiac disease. The physical experts say that the grains are the diet, which are important for health. They are full of healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and minerals. They contain low fat and thus, they do not harm the liver or heart. The person who is a sufferer should not add gluten in his/her

Celiac disease diet

. This is actually a type of protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Currently, many shops keep food products that are gluten free. Some of the gluten-free food items are rice, soy, corn, sorghum, bean etc. Currently, the gluten-free puffed rice, pizza, rice flakes, biscuits; pancakes are available in the market. The distilled white vinegar, potato, corn etc also do not have gluten.

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