The Scoop on Pinterest and Parenting

Some pin-teresting things that I learned on Pinterest.

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Let's talk about that white P in a red circle that has been appearing everywhere...Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.  Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  It's addictive, fun, visually appealing, and easy, so it's no wonder Pinterest has hooked millions of users. People use pinboards to decorate their homes, organize their favorite recipes, find crafting projects and get ideas about just about any subject imaginable.  Think of it as a form of electronic hoarding.

As a Mom, I find it fascinating and oh so useful!  We have used it to find the dreaded school science fair project.  Do you know what happens to a bar of Ivory soap when you put it into the microwave?  The transformation was quite amazing, except for the strong smell of cooked soap that I could not get out of my kitchen.  It has also given me ideas for classroom parties.  Instead of just handing out a pencil for Valentine's Day, I created a photo card with my son holding out his hand.  Using a knife, I made a slit in his had and slid the pencil in.  It looked like he was handing it to you.  My family has been subjected to some delicious sounding recipes that did not turn out too great.  There are some cleaning tips. I followed the instructions carefully and made a paste out of baking soda and peroxide.  My toaster oven tray is now shiny.  I have even been bitten by the crafting bug.  Martha Stewart will definitely not see me as competition.

I am realizing that way too many of my conversations begin with, "I saw this thing on Pinterest..."  It can make you feel empowered yet incompetent, inspired yet overwhelmed and just plain hungry all at the same time.  It is quite amazing and can be time consuming.

Follow our boards right here.  I look forward to seeing what you pin