Golden Globe Viewing Party and Other Winter Get-Together Ideas

As award season begins, those who love film and TV like to throw viewing parties with their friends. Make these parties interesting with themes! Also, you can use these themes for other party ideas!

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This Sunday the Golden Globes will be on NBC honoring actors, actresses, directors, and another aspects of film. In the past few years, having award viewing parties have become very popular among avid movie watchers.

For these viewing parties, in addition to having people coming over and watching the awards, spice it up with making themed parties. Check out some recommendations for great movie theme parties:

  • Red Carpet Party: Ok, so you cannot actually go to the awards themselves, but why not pretend! Put out a red carpet and get out of tuxedos and gowns! Have guest come in their more glamorous attire.
  • 20s Themed Party: There is something so classy about having a 20s themed party or Gatsby party. Flapper dresses, chunky jewelry, and suits will definitely enhance the award watching experience and add a little class.
  • Worst Dressed Party: Fashion is always a highlight for the award ceremonies, but there have been many fashion faux pas. Play into that with these theme party! Have guest dress up as celebrities who wore the worst fashions to an award show!
  • Dress-Like-Who-You-Think-Will-Win Party: Everyone has their award predictions, but why not take it a step further by having guests dress as their choice for best actor or actress. 

There are a ton of great themes you can have for an awards party. But, having themed parties can be fun even if there are no award shows. Here are some other themed parties that you can have this winter!

  • Best Picture Viewing Party: Before or even after award season, you can host a viewing party with all of the award winning and nominated films. It can be hard to get to the theater to see movies, so award shows give people a great viewing party list.
  • TV Show Binge Partying: The newest trend in watching television shows is watching a previously broadcast season episodes of a television show all at once. Netflix, Hulu, and your cable provider all offer on demand full seasons of television shows. So catch up with Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones with friends!
  • Bad Movie Night: Many of us know at least one movie that is terrible, so terrible that it is funny! Have your guests bring a copy of the worst movie they have ever seen, view them, and comment on them as they are playing. 
  • [Insert Genre] Movie Night: Some people have a favorite genre of movie, director, or filmmaking studio. Have a movie marathon with your friends related to a genre. Some examples are Disney, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, or sport movies.

Films and television are great mediums to bring people together this winter. So try a award or movie theme party this year!

Will you be having a award show viewing party? Will you consider trying a theme? Tell us in the comments below!