Zune HD review - Finally a competitor for the Apple iPod Touch


Zune HD review says that the device is a solid music and video player with an impressive set of features

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Zune HD review

on the internet says that this device has very good performance in audio and video playback. Photos too look good. This is perhaps the only music player which can make life difficult for Apple iPod Touch in the global market. Both these devices have similar set of features and hence it is hard to choose between them. Zune HD review also says that the player has colorful and intuitive interface. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and it plays a big part in making the videos look good.If you are bored listening to the onboard music on the Zune HD, there is FM radio too. Microsoft bundles good quality headphones with the set but if you are an audiophile who would throw any amount of money for good audio quality, take buy something good from Bose. If you have iPod Touch, you can use speakers like Bose SoundDock 10 for listening to music along with friends.

Bose SoundDock 10

is a bit costly but the audio quality will certainly blow you off your feet. A lot of people complain about high price of Bose products but then you cannot have a superior audio quality on products Bose SoundDock 10 for a low price tag because there is are lot of high end components inside.The Zune HD review says that the device does come with a few drawbacks. For instance, the player is not backwards compatible for WMA-DRM9 content. The video support is a bit weak. The player refuses to play protected content and there is no video content offered in Zune Marketplace. This is a bit disappointing because its counter part - Apple, offers tons of videos, TV shows, movies, etc for download on the iTunes store.

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