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Best Deals to Catch after the Holidays

If you think you saw savings around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can catch even bigger deals on certain items in January and the upcoming months.

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Just when you think the shopping frenzy has settled down now that Christmas has passed and the New Year has begun, it hasn’t exactly. Post-holidays are a great time to catch amazing deals on certain items.

If you’ve waited out to make a purchase on items like HDTVs, a car, fitness equipment, furniture, perfume, winter apparel, winter sports gear and equipment and Christmas ornaments and decorations, the bigger and better Black-Friday-like deals are here or soon approaching.

Here’s what you can expect post-holidays, according to a Kiplinger article on how waiting it out can mean savings in your pocket:

  • Big Screen HDTVs
    Think the deals on HDTVs were good during Black Friday? It’s going to pay off towards the end of January if you waited out. With Super Bowl scheduled for Feb. 1, you can expect widespread sales on big screen HDTVs and even deeper discounts after Super Bowl.

  • New Ride
    Yes, it would’ve been nice to see a new car sitting in your driveway on Christmas, but you can find deals now as well at car dealers who are looking to clear their inventory for the new year. Your shot at a great deal on a used car is even better if you wait until April, when dealers restock with more options from auctions.

  • Fitness Equipment
    Losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions for the New Year, so you can bet there will be retailers putting up fitness equipment for sale in January.

  • Furniture
    Similar to cars, furniture retailers are looking to clear inventory at the start of the year for the release of new styles. Deals on furniture can also be found in July when the release of new models are expected in August.

  • Holiday Ornaments and Decoration
    Why pay more on holiday ornaments and decorations when you can pay as much as 90% less! Stock up on marked down ornaments, garlands, artificial trees, holiday treats, holiday cards and wrapping paper now.

  • Perfume
    Perfume is a hot item primarily around Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so you can expect heavy discounts on your favorite perfume – as much as 50% in late February and March. Some of the best deals are found at perfume online retailers.

  • Winter Apparel
    Think deals on winter apparel looked good around Black Friday? The deals are actually even better in January. Find clearance sales on winter apparel as retailers are getting ready to make room for the next season – spring.

  • Winter Sports Equipment
    If you haven’t gone out to enjoy some of the winter sports like snowboarding, skiing and ice skating, you’ll want to because you can stock up on winter sports gear at a discount in January. If you can hold out on purchasing the snowboard, ice skates/hockey ice skates, skis and other winter sports gear until February and March, you can expect even deeper discounts.

Source: Kiplinger

Photo by Ayhan Yildiz, via Free Images.