Show Me The Craft Fairs!

CRAFT FAIR EXPERTS 'Show Me The Craft Fairs!' are Long Island's Craft Fair Experts! We can show you how to get started with craft fairs, street fairs, flea markets, festivals and events on Long Island ...

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'Show Me The Craft Fairs!' are Long Island's Craft Fair Experts!

We can show you how to get started with craft fairs, street fairs, flea markets, festivals and events on Long Island if your looking to participate in one or several.

First, you need to decide on what you would like to sell at these events. Handy with handcrafts, great, then your already 1/2 way there! Not sure what kind of products you would like to sell? Anything that you would consider your passion is a great idea. It is nearly impossible to sell items that you yourself don't believe in, so we suggest that you stick with what you know and enjoy. This way it will not be work, but rather enjoyment.

Still not sure? You can start with very simple products from the Oriental Trade catalog (1-800-228-2269 / They are very reasonably priced and you can get a lot of merchandise on a small budget. Able to invest more money into your new business? You can contact the LTD Commodities at 1-847-295-6058 or order a catalog free of charge at

Displays you ask, cost and where do I start? We suggest the E Z tent which is under $150 and the easiest one to put up. You can also find tents where you can have your company logo printed on the top and/or sides. That's a nice touch for your companies exposure. Some helpful websites to view tents are,,

Displays can and will vary just as much as the products available on the market. If you are creative then you can figure it out, with some time and energy, for your winning display. Need a little help? We have a catalog that we suggest which can be delivered right to your door free of charge. You can call Merchandise Solutions at 1-800-394-1632, which carries everything from simple display stands to the more complex. Also Staples and Office Max have many products that will help you enhance your display. Of course don't forget about the simple things like the table and chairs you will need. We suggest 6 foot tables since the space for many events require no table over six feet. This will alleviate any future difficulties that you may experience purchasing an 8 foot table.

Do you need packing supplies for your products or considering turning your items into an eventual mail order business? There are many companies that can help you such as BrownCor International (1-800-327-2278 / www.Badvantage), Consolidated Plastics Company Inc. (1-800-362-1000), and Champion American (1-800-521-7000). They carry everything from bags, professional signs and shipping supplies.

Don't forget business cards which usually run from $30-$40 per 1,000 cards regardless of where you go. We do suggest Office Max since instead of waiting 2 weeks for cards, there's only a 3-4 day business day wait. It's nice when you have a customer interested in your products to walk away with a business card so they may get in touch with you at a later date.

If you would like promotional items that have your business name and contact on them you can call any of the listed companies for a free catalog. They have products which range from very inexpensive to costly. You can reach Positive Impressions at, Promo Unlimited at 1-800-748-6150, Blair Custom Wear at 1-800-821-5655, 1-800-POSTCARDS and National Pen Corporation at 1-888-672-7370, which is a lot more then inexpensive pens.

Major must! Don't forget that with your new business comes a new responsibility. You will now be acquiring an income from fairs and will need a tax ID#. It's simple and necessary, so please contact the IRS @ (631) 447-4955. Better be safe then sorry.

At 'Show Me The Craft Fairs!' we also suggest that you 'get out there' and visit the fairs to see them upclose and speak to the vendors one-on-one. It will give you some extra insight to what they're all about.

'Show Me The Craft Fairs!' is a monthly newsletter listing craft fairs, street fairs, flea markets, festivals and any kind of vendor related events. It is now available as a 'free' handout at the fairs or you may obtain your own subscription mailed to you for only $1.00 per month ($12.00 + 1.05 tax - $13.05 Total due)

To List your craft related merchandise here, simply contact 631-451-8988
Aquarium, fish tanks and ponds of any size. Full set-up & maintenance. Monthly, bi-monthly or spot when you need it. Home or office.
Serving Nassau, Western-Suffolk & Queens
Contact: 516-780-4600.

Here's a list of some upcoming shows that will be updated monthly for you to enjoy.

2006 FAIRS:



SAYVILLE: Attias Flea Market, 5750 Sunrise Highway & Broadway. Tax ID Required. 10:00-4:00.

WESTBURY: Aqueduct Racetrack Flea Market. Contact: Plain & Fancy Shows Inc., 1550 Old Country Road, 11590

Check 'Show Me The Craft Fairs!', each month for new updated listings!! To get your own monthly issues of 'Show Me The Craft Fairs!, simply mail a check payable to 'Gotta Getta Gift' in the amount of $26.10 ($2.00 per month + $2.10 tax) to P.O. Box 171, Selden, NY 11784. (As of September 2006)

Thank you for visiting our Craft Fair Experts page. If you need further information you can contact us @ 631-451-8988.

Cathy & Alex