Reiki and the Comatose Patient

Reiki and the Comatose Patient Written by: Rev. Dr. Mark Fearing Copyright(C)2000 Rev. Dr. Mark Fearing, BS, CNA, MS, DD, TRM I accompanied a client to a hospital on June 4,1998. She wanted me to ...

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Reiki and the Comatose Patient
Written by: Rev. Dr. Mark Fearing
Rev. Dr. Mark Fearing, BS, CNA, MS, DD, TRM

I accompanied a client to a hospital on June 4,1998. She wanted me to go to see her mother who was in a coma in the I.C.U. We arrived around 1 p.m. and waited at the hospital entrance to meet my client's
sister, and the father. They arrive at 1:15 p.m.,and we all went into the hospital. We arrived at the I.C.U.(Intensive Care Unit), and the father went to speak to the doctor. The Doctor came over and notified all of us that we needed to get our affairs in order, due to "Mother" only has forty-eight hours
to live. I stated that this is not true, and the Doctor sneered at me, while the others looked at me with a blank stare. The Doctor demanded to know who I was, and I informed him that I was a Minister. He
instantly closed his mouth and left us standing in the hallway.
Father went into her room and told us all to come in. I saw from the left corner of my eye that the Nurse was looking at me. When I entered the room, I explained to all what Reiki is and explained what a Reiki Session consists of. The whole family knew
that I was a Reiki Master, but they only got an explanation of Reiki from my client (who I did numerous sessions on). I walked over to the left side of Mother and meditated. at this time I asked her Presence (Higher Self) if it was all right for me to do a Reiki Session on her. I received a strong
I placed both of my hands over Mother's crown chakra, and the Reiki energy started flowing. I visualized the Emotional Symbol, followed by the Power Symbol. I left my hands there until the energy stopped. Next I placed my left hand on her third eye
chakra, and my right hand in the left hand. She instantly grabbed my hand. I called the Nurse in, and asked if Mother ever held someone's hand. The Nurse stated that she has been doing this since this morning.
The Nurse left the room, and I continued the session.
I visualized the Emotional Symbol being traced on Mother's chakras starting at the third eye down to the root chakra. Being clairvoyant and a psychic, I saw Mother's aura changed from a dark blue to a bright
green, and the color of gold was over her crown chakra. My left hand stayed on Mother's third eye chakra and my right hand went on her solar plexis chakra. Mother opened her eyes, and was trying to talk, but could not due to the tube down her throat.
My client called the Nurse back in. The Nurse looked at Mother and saw that she was awake. She stated that she had to call the Doctor to let him know what has happened. She also asked me what I did. I
explained to her that I am a Reiki Master. She said she knew about Reiki, and smiled at me. She left to contact the Doctor. At this time Father was telling his wife not to talk and just relax. I was still in
the middle of the Reiki Session. I next placed my left hand on Mother's solar plexis, and my right hand under her kidney. Mother's whole body jerked, and
she tried to get up. At that time the Doctor came in and saw what was happening. He quickly went over and used his stethoscope to hear Mother's heart, and lungs. He looked at me, and asked Father to come
with him. When the Doctor and Father left, I raked Mother's aura, and smoothed it out. Mother awoke 15 minutes into the session. Mother's other daughter came into the room at this time, and started crying.
I told her that everything is all right, and she hugged me. We all left the room due to other Doctors, and Nurses coming in to see what has happened and to take tests. Mother's Doctor was still outside when I approached him. He was fit to be tied. I asked him how was he doing. He could not even look at me. I told him Good Day, and went back into the room.
I found out from Father that the Doctor wanted to know what was done to wake up Mother. Father explained to him that I laid my hands on Mother and she awoke. At this time the tube that was in Mother's mouth was out, and her head was propped up on pillows. Her daughters were stroking her hair and
kissing her. At this time I attuned Father, and two daughters (not my client) into Reiki. I taught them the hand positions, and explained to each of them that they can now channel the Reiki Energy and do a session
on Mother. The youngest daughter is a Resident at another hospital, and she has read up about Reiki.
I spoke to Father a few days later and was informed that Mother would be coming out of the hospital in a few days. She was now talking, and her strength has come back. The Doctors could not find any brain damage, or figure out how she came out of the coma.
Three days after Mother was home, I also attuned her to Reiki.
With Reiki; all things are possible.

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