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Hey! I'm Vanessa and I'm 16 (Wooo a teen!). Right now I'm working on adding things to this page, I'd just like to hear what you ...

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Hey! I'm Vanessa and I'm 16 (Wooo a teen!). Right now I'm working on adding things to this page, I'd just like to hear what you want to see on it! So, please e-mail your ideas and suggestions to me @



Hopefully soon there will be a whole separate Teen Section on LongIsland.com, so look out for that in the future, this is just a mini expert page with some fun stuff, well... stuff that I think is fun anyway!

Oh and the fourth Harry Potter book has been out since July 8th -

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

. I don't care if you are a teen, I'm recommending it to you (along with the first three HP books). I actually didn't get the book until July 24th, I couldn't get it anywhere here, so I picked it up in Manhattan. I'm reading it right now. Hm... *gets an idea* ... haha, I want to be a Harry Potter expert for longisland.com.. that would be fun.

ALSO, take note that any text that looks like


(that blueish bigger writing) is a LINK! Click your heart out.

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Entertainment (TV/Movie)


Real World New Orleans



Take a Tour of the House


Meet the Cast

. It should be a good season!


Visit supa-fly.com

, Matt from the Real World New Orleans personal homepage and get some insight on being a Real Worlder during the season and after the season. And it






* For movie listings, reviews, ratings, times, etc etc, click



* Lately, I've seen only Chicken Run, Boys & Girls, and Me, Myself, and Irene. To be honest, I suggest

Chicken Run

out of the three. Added Scary Movie to the list, still suggesting Chicken Run, haha...


* I'm sure everyone has heard about the Pearl Jam concert. 8 fans were trampled to death. Read an article


. Read another



* Everyone has their own taste in music and I respect that, but if you happen to enjoy the same groups/artists as I do, these sites are worth a visit:







(Mariah is one of the several celebrities that grew up on Long Island!)









Nine Days

(This band is also from LONG ISLAND!)
* I'm not a Korn fan myself, but their summer tour with Metallica is big. Visit:




for some info on that.

* Pop: I Like

Lara Fabian

's new song.




* If you didn't get kicked off Napster from downloading Dr. Dre of Metallica mp3s, you're lucky... I'm an mp3 addict. If you want to DL from me on Napster, add


to your hotlist, I have about 500 mp3s shared. If I cancel the upload on you... instant message me on napster (you have to have the newest beta version for that) and tell me you came from here.

* If you don't use napster, you can download it @



Long Island

* Believe it or not, there are tons of things to do for teens on Long Island. I'm working on a list of sorts. Thanks for the suggestion Jen! In the meantime, PEOPLE! GO TO THE BEACH!!! It's right there!

* By the way, you are


to old for

Splish Splash

in Riverhead, or

Adventure Land

in Farmingdale. I suggest a visit to each this summer. Splish Splash isn't just kiddy slides. Try... Cliff Diver - its so high that when you are at the top, you can feel the tower swaying.

* Check out LongIsland.com's

List of Amuesment Parks/Centers

on the Island. Hey, its something...


Send in

some things that you and your friends do if you feel like sharing...