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Three Texan Teens Claim to Have the Ability of Cast Out Demons

Three teen girls made an appearance on The Anderson Cooper show to discuss their supernatural ability to cast out demons.

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Anderson Cooper brought three young women onto his show recently who claim they have the ability to exorcize demons out of the possessed and have already done so to dozens of people. 17-year-old Brynne told Copper that she performed her first exorcism at the age of 13. Brynne is the daughter of Texas preacher Reverend Bob Larsen and Larsen is a well-known spiritual guide who claims to have cast out over 15,000 demons over the course of his career. Brynne, along with 17-year-old Tess and 20-year-old Savannah have been studying under Larsen as apprentices.

Tess claims that one of the obvious signs of demonic possession resides in the eyes. “The pupils dialate sporadically,” she said on The Anderson Cooper Show, “You look in someone’s eyes, and after the [exorcism] training, you can see the evil.” Tess reportedly performed her very first exorcism on a 15-year-old friend at a sleepover. The friend has been suffering from “splitting headaches for no reason,” which is apparently a symptom of possession, when she was exorcized by Tess. The friend in question was said to have been a strong Christian believers who had wandered away from God.

Cooper seemed doubtful of the girls claims and it didn’t help the trio’s case that they are hoping to become reality TV stars on a reality program about their special powers. With supernatural subjects being a big hit in recent pop-culture, it may not be all that hard for them to find their 15 minutes of fame.