Mercy Center Ministries

436 West Main Street , Patchogue, NY 11775

Phone: 631-447-3978 Fax: 631-447-0113

Mercy Center Ministries has three residential programs: one designated for homeless/runaway females ages 16-21(Patchogue location), and two others for homeless females 16-21 who are pregnant or parenting (Blue Point & Sayville locations). We are not a religious organization, we are non-denominational. A young woman may be referred by anyone, or she can refer herself- there are no barriers to our services unless the youth is mentally unstable, currently abusing alcohol or drugs, or has a recent history of violent behavior.  We refer those youths to more appropriate programs.  

Our residents look like any other teen you see, but they have a terrible home life that they need to leave.  Coming to Mercy gives them safety, structure and a place to heal.  Mercy is not foster care, the youth may return home whenever she wants to. We encourage and facilitate family reunification when possible. Most, if not all of our residents come to us from abusive, addicted or neglectful guardians. Our program provides the youth with case management, counseling, food, shelter, recreation and independent living skills and for our teen moms-parenting training.  All residents are required to re-enter school in either their home district or the district where our homes are located. 

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