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Red, White & Blue: Patriotic Crafts To Do With The Kids

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Celebrate this 4th of July making fun, patriotic, kid friendly crafts!

The Fourth of July is a big time for barbeques, celebrations, and fireworks. While you’re not out and about the town celebrating in style, or watching spectacular fireworks shows, take some time out to talk to your kids about the meaning of the holiday, the significance of the flag, and the history of our country. You guys will both have tons of fun making crafts together and bonding over the holiday.

First off you’ll need to run down to your local arts & crafts store to pick up some materials. Use these materials to make cute, patriotic crafts with the kids in celebrate of the freedom, independence, and birth of our nation. Everyone should take great pride in their country and this Independence Day you can pass on that pride to your children through crafting! They will have a blast, have the opportunity to learn some American history, and be able to hang on to their creations for years to come.

Remember, don’t skimp on the red, white, and blue supplies!

Streamer Cup Flag Decoration

You don’t even need to buy pre-bought patriotic 4th of July decorations, simply create your own with the kids and hang them up!

What You Need:
Package of blue plastic cups
Red and white streamers
White, or silver, small star stickers

Directions: Place red and white streamers on the inside of a blue cup. Use tape to secure the multicolored streamers to the inside of the cup wall. Poke a hole in the top of the cup. Stick string through the hole, make a loop then make a knot to keep the string attached to the cup so you can use it to hang the craft up after you’re done. Next use the stickers to decorate the outside of your cup. Hang the decorations along the outside of you house so that in the breeze the craft can blow proudly in the wind, just like a real flag.

Uncle Sam Hat

Your kid can dress up like Uncle Sam this Independence Day with a very affordable construction paper costume.

What You Need:
Red, white, and blue construction paper
Cotton balls
White pipe cleaners
Paper plate
Hole punch
Glue stick

Directions: Cut out the indented inside circle on the paper plate. Use the hand held hole punch to punch 4 holes, two on either side one on top of the other with a little space between, slightly farther down than the circumference point of the plate. Poke a pipe cleaner through the two sets of holes so it can loop around your kid’s ears and rest comfortably like a mask would.

Use a sheet of white construction paper to cut out a hat shape then decorate that with red strips of paper, it should look like the stripes on the flag except going top to bottom. Then use a longer, thicker strip of blue paper to make the brim of the hat. Glue those pieces to the paper plate so that there is enough of the hole you cut out earlier showing to exhibit your child’s face. Glue cotton balls all around the remaining visible front of the paper plate; this will make up Uncle Sam’s beard.

Popsicle Stick Flag

This fun craft unfolds into a wooden version of the flag of the United States of America. The kids will be so happy with this craft that they will want to keep it up on display in their rooms, or use it to garnish door knobs around the house.

What You Need:
Popsicle sticks
Red, white, and blue paint
Masking Tape
Ribbon (red, white, or blue in color)
Hot glue gun

Directions: Place 6 popsicle sticks next to one another long ways and tape the sticks together by pairs, covering both sticks with masking tape. Flip the sticks over and place a piece of tape on the 2 middle pairs of popsicle sticks, this should leave only the top and bottom sticks completely tape free. Paint the American flag on the front of the sticks then use the hot glue gun, parental assistance needed here, to tack a piece of ribbon to the back of the flag design so you can hang your creation up once it’s totally dry.

What other 4th of July crafts are you going to be making with your family in preparation for, or on, the 4th of July?

[Source: FantasticFunandLearning, DaniellesPlace]

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