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COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 4 AM TO 10 AM EDT SATURDAY * WHAT...For the Coastal Flood Advisory Saturday morning, up to one and a half foot of inundation above ground level expected in vulnerable areas near the waterfront and shoreline. * WHERE...Northeastern Suffolk and Southeastern Suffolk Counties. * WHEN...For the Coastal Flood Advisory, from 4 AM to 10 AM EDT Saturday. Localized minor coastal flooding from 8 PM to 11 PM EDT this evening. * COASTAL IMPACTS...Shallow flooding is expected in the most vulnerable locations near the waterfront and shoreline. Expect up to 1 1/2 feet of inundation above ground level in low lying, vulnerable areas. Some roads and low lying property including parking lots, parks, lawns and homes/businesses with basements near the waterfront will experience shallow flooding. * SHORELINE IMPACTS...Along the ocean beach front and Orient Point, breaking waves of 5 to 8 ft will result in scattered areas of dune erosion, with wave splashover onto shoreline roads and properties possible during the times of high tide tonight through Saturday Night. Highest threat Saturday morning. Along the north shore or Suffolk County, breaking waves of 2 to 4 ft may result in beach erosion and wave splashover during the times of high tide this evening and Saturday morning. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Brief minor flooding possible, with inundation up to 1/2 ft above ground level, of the most vulnerable locations near the waterfront and shoreline possible during this evening high tides.

Long Island Podcasting

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Podcasting on Long Island and The Long Island Podcast Network have teamed up to provide news for the Long Island, New York area available via podcast to iPod, MP3 players and computer users. Catch the latest news and information about Long Island, NY while on the go with your handheld device or tune into the show from your home or office computer.

For iPod, MP3 and computer users: Catch the latest news about Long Island, NY while on the go. Download the podcast directly to your handheld device or listen via audio stream. The Long Island Podcast Network broadcasts news, music, shows and information for Long Island, NY. You can subscribe FREE to the podcast feed or listen to the shows with a standard media player like Real Player or Windows Media Player. Most computers today already come equipped with a media player bundled in with their operating system software (i.e. Windows). Subscription to the Long Island Podcast Network is FREE!

What is a Podcast?

In a nutshell, podcasts are all of the following:
 - Podcasts are like radio or television shows. They come in audio and video form.
 - Podcasts can be listened to on an Apple iPod, your computer, or MP3 players.
 - Podcasts can be distributed on any topic. You name it: News, Music, Politics, Business, Tips, Finance, etc

Podcast popularity is measured by how many people subscribe to our podcast. The Long Island Podcast Network currently has thousands of subscribers from the Long Island, New York area.

Long Island Podcast Network advertises podcast shows from companies in Long Island and lets podcasters from Long Island piggy back on their network.
Podcasting is delivering audio content to iPods and other portable media players on demand, so that it can be listened to at the user's convenience. The main benefit of podcasting is that listeners can sync content to their media player and take it with them to listen whenever they want to. Because podcasts are typically saved in MP3 format, they can also be listened to on nearly any computer.

Podcast History

The term podcasting was popularized by media entrepeneuar and former MTV VJ Adam Curry. Curry created an Applescript application that automated the process of downloading and syncing audio files to iPods.
Podcasting has been described as TiVo for Internet audio, because it lets users save content digitally, and replay it at their convenience. This comparison, though, only addresses the idea of time-shifting, and not the idea that podcasting lowers barriers to entry, creates an alternate distribution model for audio content that lets publishers extend the reach of Internet content to times when people aren't even connected.
Podcasting can be used for publishing any type of audio, and some developers are exploring the idea of using the same techniques to publish video and other types of content.
Podcasting is also popular as an advertising medium integrating the next generation of media, news and radio communications.
Podcasting is spreading quickly because of the rapid adoption of MP3 players, and the desire of handheld device owners to have fresh content.

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