Long Island Homeowner Wakes Up to a Horse in the Pool


A Long Island homeowner wakes up to find her horse stranded in the backyard pool.

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Earlier in the week, Long Island had snowfall mounting to 3 to 5 inches, but the cold weather and snow accumulation didn’t stop a horse from jumping into the pool.

On Wednesday morning, the owner of a home in Bohemia woke up to find her horse stranded in the icy waters of her home’s in-ground pool.

The horse was partially submerged in the pool – belly deep and shivering.

Fortunately, the horse was rescued in about 45 minutes by Suffolk County police and Town of Islip animal control officers. A makeshift stairway was created out of hay stacks to guide the distressed horse out of the frigid water.

It is believed the horse may have been frightened by a deer or another animal during the night. The pool had a strong cover over it, but not strong enough to keep the horse out.

The horse was said to be secured behind a farm fence, so it’s unclear how it escaped. Fortunately, it appears the horse will be okay.

[Source: New York Post]