Amplified Capital Partners Holdings, LLC Successfully Completes $1.8 Million Private Equity Financing Round

Proceeds to be Used for Expansion of “Bach to Rock”-Branded Music Schools in Nassau and Westchester Counties.

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Port Washington, NY – November 5th , 2013 – Amplified Capital Partners Holdings, LLC (ACPH) announced today that it has successfully completed a $1.8 million private equity financing round which will enable the company to open two additional “Bach to Rock”- branded music schools in 2014 as well as to build the necessary infrastructure to expand rapidly in the future.  Digital media and music entrepreneur Val Katayev led the round and will join the ACPH Board.

ACPH is the first franchisee of Bach to Rock.  ACPH’s first Bach to Rock school opened to great success in Port Washington, NY in January 2013 and already has over 300 enrolled students.  ACPH was founded by Glenn Fleischman and Alan Goodstadt, who left successful careers in technology and banking, respectively, to pursue their passion for music and music education.

“We are excited to be a part of a company that is revolutionizing the way music is taught in this country.  We like to think that we are doing for music what Starbucks did for coffee… taking what has been a commodity product and turning it into a great experience,” said Glenn Fleischman, co-founder and Managing Partner of ACPH.

“We are grateful that we were able to attract a group of investors who share our vision and our strategy.  We look forward to bringing the Bach to Rock experience to new markets in the tri-state area and beyond,” added Alan Goodstadt, co-founder and Managing Partner of ACPH.

About Bach to Rock
Bach to Rock (B2R) is changing the way people learn to play a musical instrument.  At its heart, it’s a music education school for the entire community with programs from early childhood through high school and for adults.   More than just a school, it aims to be the center of the recreational music community.  The B2R method is based on the belief that learning music is fun and musicians learn best when they play music they enjoy.  We use the latest technologies including tablet computers, digital recording software and sound modeling to ensure students learn on today’s music making tools.  Our professionally designed curriculum uses classic and current pop and rock songs to teach skills.  Weekly ensemble instruction and jam sessions lead to public concerts, gigs, Battle of the Bands and recording sessions in B2R's professional recording studios. B2R builds technique, fosters teamwork and enhances the self-esteem of its students through private lessons, band instruction, and public performance.  It also provides a central meeting place, a club house of sorts, for musicians to meet other musicians, utilize pro level rehearsal and recording facilities and engage in recreational music. To date, there are eight B2R schools in operation in New York, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  For more information, please visit

About Amplified Capital Partners Holdings, LLC
Amplified Capital Partners Holdings (ACPH) is an investment company formed by Glenn Fleischman and Alan Goodstadt in order to build a chain of “Bach to Rock”- branded music schools.