New doggie law in Oyster Bay guards against extended tethering

Expands upon existing legislation to prevent animal cruelty.

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A new law passed in the Town of Oyster Bay will help protect dogs and other animals from cruel and dangerous treatment by limiting the time pets can be tethered unattended by their owners. The law also requires that dogs restrained outdoors be on an adequate leash and under the direct control of its owner.


The law says that dogs cannot be left tethered for longer than two hours in any 12 hour period. Any tethered animal must also have adequate food, water and shelter and not be tethered by a choke or pinch collar.


Violators of the new law could face fines up to $250 or even possible jail time.


Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino stressed that pets rely on owners and other animal lovers to be their voice, especially in terms of their protection and safety. The law is meant to reinforce that commitment.


“Studies have shown that dogs left tied up for extended periods of time could become emotionally and physically damaged,” said Saladino. “It’s almost unfathomable, and now against the law, to keep them tied up and restrained all day.”