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Freevestor Launches First Free Virtual ‘Advertrading’ Game

New and experienced traders can trade currencies, commodities, and indices for free, with a $500 prize for those who can turn $500 into $25,000.

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Hicksville, NY - October 2nd, 2013 - New and experienced investors alike now have at their fingertips a no-risk simulation with a real-life prize.

Freevestor Challenge provides users with free trading education resources and a virtual trading game that provides users of all skill levels with an opportunity to trade for free in a simulated environment with live pricing.  Users have the ability to learn and trade at their own pace applying concepts picked up from educational resources.  All users that sign up start with $500 of virtual money, with the goal of turning it into $25,000.  Individuals that reach $25,000 win $500 in cash or a live brokerage account depending upon jurisdiction.  Prize funds are generated from on-site advertising.

Freevestor is the first advertiser-funded trading game and it is the first trading game in the industry that does not pit traders against each other in a contest,” said Steven Lindell, Founder and Chief Executive of Freevestor.

Instead, traders can trade at their own pace and focus on improvement rather than feeling pressure to take unnecessary risks to chase a weekly or monthly prize. Traders and brokers are both responsible for the infamous lack of success traders have in the industry. By providing a risk-free simulation with realistic amounts of money to trade and a motivational prize, traders are more likely to take the experience seriously and learn the hard lessons without experiencing the very real consequences. Lindell’s goal is to reverse the trend of unprofitability evident in the second quarter of 2013, in which just over 65 percent of American traders were unprofitable.

“This is an industry blemish that must be overcome,” he said.

Users can increase their virtual money by referring friends and shopping at one of Freevestor’s affiliate partners.  This boost will help traders reach the $25,000 goal faster and attracts attention to new users that are inclined to trade currencies (Forex), futures, commodities, and indices. 



Freevestor LLC is a trading education and virtual trading game site. For further information, please visit and follow Freevestor on Twitter.

Lindell can be reached at 312-957-4979 or