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Paws Unite People Announces Plan to Open an Animal Rescue Community Center

Local Animal Rescue Organization Paws Unite People announced today that it will be working to secure a location to open an Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

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Rocky Point, NY - July 25, 2014 -  Local Animal Rescue Organization Paws Unite People announced today that it will be working to secure a location to open an Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. The space will be used to rehabilitate animals they take in to their program, and animals that other rescue groups have that may need help with socialization and training. The facility will also function as a community center, with an indoor dog park and space for other organizations to host meetings and events.

Luna's House will be funded by general donations, sponsorships, public use of the facilities services, adoption fees, boarding fees, a small retail section, and grants. They are currently looking at a space that is approximately 7000sq. feet. This will allow them the mto set up an indoor dog park, socialization rooms, kennel runs that are larger and do not "feel" like cages to the dogs, a cat room, training area, and meeting space.

Paws Unite People assists shelter, abused, and neglected animals in finding their purpose in life through rehabilitation and training. They believe in helping them get a second chance in life. Through their interactions with people these animals can bring hope to others, both two legged and four. There is always hope... all is not lost. One at a time, they strive to make a difference. The Beatles were right in saying "Love IS all you need". They believe in matching animals with the right family, because animal rescue is all about making families, and rescued is their favorite breed. Luna's House will give them a space to have a greater impact. They will have the ability to save more lives and help more individuals and other rescue groups with an actual location. Luna’s House will be a rehab & resource center for three of Paws Unite People’s programs: P.U.P. 2nd Chance: The goal of the 2nd Chance Program is to foster, rehabilitate, and train shelter cats and dogs. Candidates will be selected by their trainers through evaluation. Animals are put through member designed rehabilitation and training program, based on the individual animals needs and issues, so they learn how to be the best pet they can be. These animals are helped to find their purpose in life, whether it be as a therapy animal or a beloved family pet. Members work to find the animals permanent homes once they have completed the program.

P.U.P. Families: Paws Unite People believes families should stay together. Through this program, they provide assistance to pet families in their time of need so they can stay together. All too often pets are surrendered to rescue groups due to lack of training knowledge, a natural disaster, or a financial setback. Whether it is a temporary fostering during a natural disaster, vet care during a personal economic crisis, or training to help the pet better adapt to the home, they make sure pets and their families get what they need to stay together, happy and healthy.

P.U.P. Patriot: The P.U.P. Patriot program will train Veterans to assist shelter dogs in their training as
they achieve therapy dog status. Those Veterans and their dogs will then visit VA Hospitals, Hospitals,
Nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers bringing a little hope to those who need it most. Veterans
suffering from PTSD will go through an additional program, so the dogs will be able to help them cope with their disorder.

Contact To learn more about this project contact: Meredith Festa, President Paws Unite People Phone: (631)681-8217 - - - - Fundraising Link: