Brawl Bursts Out During Birthday Party at Commack Chuck E Cheeses

A birthday brawl was caught on video of two women fighting at the Commack Chuck E. Cheeses this past weekend.

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An innocent birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses in Commack quickly became a fist fight between two women this past weekend.
A bystander in the kid’s restaurant caught the action on video using a camera on their cell phone (see video below). It is speculated that the fight began over a stolen pocketbook. 
The video shows one woman, while holding a toddler, initiating the fight with a punch to another woman, Lisa Lord. At the same time, the song “Happy Birthday” can be heard in the background. A different woman is also heard yelling at the fuming women to control themselves because there are children nearby.
Towards the end of the video, when the miffed moms looked like they were about to go at it again, a bystander took hold of the infant that the instigator was carrying, right as another jab was thrown at Lord. 
Several people quickly intervened in hopes of breaking up the quarrel including employees of the restaurant and bystanders who continuously tried to separate the women. Later, police were called to the scene. 
Suffolk County Police are investigating the incident.
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YouTube Video Courtesy of MekNews10.