Auditions For Bay Street Theater's Kiss Me, Kate 2017 Concert Announced

Rehearsals will be held in NYC August 21-23, Sag Harbor August 24.

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Kiss Me, Kate stars Richard Troxell and Melissa Errico.

Photo by: Bay Street Theater

Sag Harbor, NY - June 16, 2017 - Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts is pleased to announce auditions. No phone calls please.
Date of Audition
Saturday June 24, 2017 2pm-4pm
Bay Street Theater
Corner of Bay and Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY
Will Pomerantz-- Director
John Sullivan-Associate Producer
29 Hour Reading Guidelines
Production Information
The production is an outdoor concert reading, Rehearsals will be held in NYC August 21-23, Sag Harbor August 24 and there will be two performances at Mashashimuet Park the evenings of August 25 & 26.
M/F Actors. Refer to Breakdown
2 contrasting 16 bars of music from the Broadway Songbook prior to 1960.
Accompanist will be provided
Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Lois Lane - (20's/30's) young actress and singer; impressionable, but also ambitious; lively and vivacious, she must be a very strong singer and mover; doubles as Bianca
  • Bill Calhoun - (20's/30's) a ne'er-do-well, but with a good heart, Bill is interested in the easy way to making it; must be very strong mover and singer; doubles as Lucentio, one of Bianca's suitors
  • Paul - (20's/30's) Fred's dresser - resourceful, quick on his feet, appealing; a good mover and singer; in relationship with Hattie; doubles as Gremio, a manservant to Petruchio
  • Hattie - (20's/30's) Lilli's dresser - really cares about Lilli; knows how to take care of a vulnerable diva, but also has a sense of fun; good mover and singer; in relationship with Paul; doubles as The Haberdasher
  • General Howell (40's/50's) - an upright, straight arrow, Republican-leaning general in the US army; will do pretty much anything for Lilli; doubles as Hortensio, one of Bianca's suitors
  • Gunman 1 - Classic hoodlum/gangster type; maybe not as tough as a New York gangster (this is Baltimore, after all), but pretty close; must have good sense of humor and be able to deliver a song
  • Gunman 2 - Pretty close to the description of Gunman 1, but of course he would have a different opinion (ie he is clearly the better Gunman)
  • Ralph (20s-40's) - The stage manager for Taming of the Shrew; conscientious and always at Fred's side, making sure things keep rolling; doubles as Nathaniel
  • Ensemble Women (20's-30's) - doubles various roles
  • Ensemble Men (20's-30's) - doubles various roles
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