Buttercup Dairy Store in Terryville Celebrates 50 Years in Business


Family business first started out as a working dairy farm in the 1930s.

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Photo: Buttercup's Dairy Store Facebook page.

Like going to the store for a gallon of milk, sometimes local history can be so ingrained in our daily lives that we barely even take a moment to recognize it.


Fifty years ago the Smith family opened Buttercup’s Dairy Store in Terryville. Originally a working dairy farm when the family first purchased the business, in 1971 they opened the retail store. Locals know it from its distinctive red barn building, an architectural holdover from its farm days and harkens back to Long Island’s more agricultural roots.


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On June 9, Brookhaven Town Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich honored the family for their five decades in business.


Left to right are Tyler Smith, Richard Smith and Brookhaven Town Councilman Jonathan Kornreich. Photo: Town of Brookhaven.


“Buttercup’s Dairy Store has been a mainstay in Terryville for half a century and they are still going strong,” said Kornreich.


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Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich (left) with Tyler Smith (right). Photo: Town of Brookhaven.


Four generations of Smiths have run the farm and the store. Now, Buttercup’s Dairy Store employs a staff of more than 40 full-time workers and its inventory includes a wide selection of dairy products, baked goods, produce, cold cuts, sandwiches, “heat and eat” dinner options, and more.


“I am grateful to the Smith family for their continuous support of our local community-based organizations, thoughtful land management, delicious cookies, and for being such a vital part of the fabric of Brookhaven Town,” said Kornreich.