Banned Pesticides Including DDT Detected in Illegally Dumped Rubble in Brentwood

Lead and cobalt among dangerous metals found in test samples at an Islip Town park.

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Brentwood, NY - May 29, 2014 - Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota today announced new results from tests samples of illegally dumped debris at an Islip Town park in Brentwood and a separate dumpsite at Route 111 and Sage Street in Central Islip show the presence of acutely hazardous materials, including pesticide and metal contamination “in some samples at more than 10 times their permissible limits”. 
The District Attorney said the most recent testing at Clemente Park revealed levels of banned pesticides including DDT and Dieldrin, the latter an acutely hazardous insecticide no longer manufactured in the US because of its harmful effects on humans, fish and wildlife. 
“Pesticides are of particular concern.” DA Spota said, “because they linger for many years in the environment after use.” 
Among the dangerous metals detected in subsurface samples taken from the soccer fields and the recharge basin at Clemente Park were Lead, Chromium, Copper, Zinc and Cobalt, the latter classified as an acutely hazardous substance.  
Testing for asbestos at six homes on Veterans Way in Islandia, houses occupied by Iraqi and Afghan war veterans and their families, showed no asbestos present in the samples. Other test results for samples taken from the Veteran’s Way property are due next week. 
“On the Route 111 site, similar surface and boring samples were collected,’ DA Spota said. “There were also acutely hazardous and hazardous materials found at the 111 dumpsite, and those materials, similar to Clemente Park, were pesticides, metals and petroleum products.” 
The district attorney said remediation of the two sites will be the burden of the Town of Islip, and that cleanup “will be a long term process with multiple steps and multiple agencies involved.” Results of samples from a dump site found in wetlands near Brook Avenue in Deer Park, on the Islip-Babylon town border, are expected next week.