Zombie Home Destroyed in Shirley


Property left vacant for years was seized by Suffolk County.

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Town Councilman Dan Panico (right) and Tim Rothang, Chief of Staff, Suffolk County Third Legislative District (left) at zombie home demolition. Photo: Town of Brookhaven.

Another zombie home has been demolished. In an effort to remove homes that have been abandoned by their owners and seized by Suffolk County the Town of Brookhaven took action this month to rid the community of a property that has become an eyesore.


The home, located at 10 Roneck Court in Shirley, was taken by the County as a property tax forfeiture and transferred to Brookhaven Town. The house was demolished by the Town’s Department of Recycling and Sustainable Materials Management and the land was cleared of all debris. The property will be preserved as open space by the Town.


"We have waged a war against suburban blight, and we are winning that war for our communities," said Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico.