NSWCA Sponsors Water Programs for Education & Awareness


Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association (NSWCA) spearheads water education and awareness programs and initiatives surrounding May's Drinking Water Week and May's Water Awareness Month.

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Long Island, NY – May 20th, 2013 This spring, a month-long dedication to water as Earth’s greatest natural resource is in full swing, and the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association (NSWCA) is supporting preservation, conservation and educational efforts in a big way.

The United States’ water is considered the safest drinking water in the world [1]. New York State’s on-tap water supply is renowned for its healthy, high quality, and great tasting water [2]. And on Long Island, the drinking water is regarded as one of the nation’s best supplies.

Throughout April and May, NSWCA has been involved with a number of activities intended to educate and facilitate efforts in preserving and supplying water to our communities.

Beginning April 16, NSWCA commissioners and superintendents attended the New York Water Event and Expo 2013, in Saratoga Springs, NY. The theme, "Our Aging Infrastructure," covered the numerous challenges that water systems are facing. The challenges included water quality and system management, distribution systems, operator training, storm water management and more. Hot news topics such as Hydrofracking and emergency response groundwater issues received special attention. In addition, NSWCA commissioners learned of new technologies and solutions from guest speakers and commissioners from other districts throughout the state.

 "The New York Water Event and Expo is the largest conference devoted to drinking water in New York State," observed Mr. Gary Brosnan, President of NSWCA and South Farmingdale Water District Commissioner. "It’s a valuable opportunity for NSWCA member Districts to learn about the latest technologies and advancements concerning water. The demonstrations, seminars and exhibits foster opportunities to learn from each other and to gain awareness of practices that have been tried and tested."

The focus on drinking water continued May 5th through 11th, with the observance of the United States’ 25th annual Drinking Water Week. The event was first declared in a Joint Congregational Resolution signed by President Ronald Regan and supported by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

During Drinking Water Week, water utilities, environmental and other pubic organizations worked to center the public’s focus on water as a vital resource. Activities throughout the week included public education on the sustainability and potential future challenges of our water supply. As part of water observance, NSWCA member Districts spearheaded various activities, from water tasting competitions to school assemblies.

"Awareness through education at every level in the community helps preserve the quality, availability and sustainability of our drinking water now and into the future," commented Mr. Nicholas Bartilucci, NSWCA member and Jericho Water District Commissioner.

Continuing education, collaboration, and best practices are something NSWCA members strive to continually improve upon throughout the year. The nation’s and state’s springtime efforts help focus on this vital resource.

"Water is our most essential resource, and all too often it is taken for granted," Mr. Howard Abbondondelo, Commissioner of Albertson Water District, said. "National Water Week and activities throughout this month help bring focus to Long Island’s conservation efforts and water supply."

The NSWCA is comprised of Water Commissioners from 21 Nassau County and Suffolk County Water Districts. NSWCA is dedicated to communication, efficiency and best practices among Long Island’s water districts. As part of its mission, the association holds monthly educational meetings sponsoring experts on topics that include law, cost efficiencies, rules and regulations and issues germane to water utilities.

[1] US Environmental Protection Agency. Drinking water and health: what you need to know. Washington, DC: US Environmental Protection Agency; 2009. Available at http://water.epa.gov/drink/guide/upload/book_waterontap_full.pdf

[2] NYC.Gov.  NYC Water on the Go.  2013, The City of New York.  http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/html/drinking_water/wotg.shtml

For further information, please contact:

Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association President Gary Brosnan at 516 249-3330 or via email, gary@sfwater.com.

For information regarding your District’s Water Commissioners, please contact  Jamie Stanco, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. at 631-756-7160 or via email,  jpstanco@pmgstrategic.com.