Sirens Sound in Suffolk County in Support of Frontline Workers Battling COVID-19

On Sunday, police and ambulances traveled around Suffolk County in solidarity and support of those working the frontlines.

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Photo: Lon Cohen.

On Sunday at 7pm, lines of SCPD cars and local ambulances sounded their sirens and traveled through local neighborhoods around Suffolk County showing support for all healthcare workers and first responders who have been working around the clock taking care of those infected with the COVID-19 virus.


As the sirens closed in people were reportedly seen throwing open their doors, listening for the sirens, and making noise with pots and pans, and noisemakers to show thanks for their work.


Watch our video below.



A series of hashtags have also been created to help people share their messages: #Alonetogether #StoptheSpread #Stayhome


Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services coordinated the ambulances and County Executive Steve Bellone organized the volunteer fire department whistles to be blown at 7pm as a thank you to frontline workers.


Photo: Lon Cohen


A statement on Bellone’s Facebook page yesterday alerted people to the event.


“Suffolk County is at the epicenter of this crisis and our frontline workers, the doctors, nurses, law enforcement professionals and countless others are working day and night to save lives. Tonight at 7:00 PM, Fire Departments all across Suffolk County will be sounding their sirens in unison to show support for these brave heroes,” the post read. “Everybody has a part to play in stopping this virus. So please continue to help these healthcare workers by showing your support and staying at home as much as possible. Stay at home. Stop the spread. Save lives.”