LongIsland.com Wants YOU To Design Our New Logo!


Enter Your Designs From Now to March 15th.

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An aerial view of the Kings Park Bluff, one of many inspirational sights on Long Island.

Photo by: LongIsland.com

Long Island, NY - February 25, 2019 - 2019 represents a series of new beginnings for LongIsland.com, and among them is a brand-new logo for Long Island’s #1 website, created by YOU, our readers! 
LongIsland.com is pleased to announce a new, reader-driven contest to create a brand-new logo for our website, devised by new LongIsland.com owner and noted local entrepreneur Andrew Hazen. 
The contest is open to anyone and everyone who wants to get involved, no matter if they're 6, 16, or 60 years old, according to Hazen; all you need is a creative spirit and an undying love of all things Long Island, and the artistic talent to translate that passion into a brand spanking new logo for the website.
“We want the new logo to be representative of what Long Island is. LongIsland.com is the homepage for all of Long Island, and to live up to that we need to have some great branding. That’s why I'm opening this contest up to Long Islanders, because they're the people who live here and the people who visit our site every day.”
Upon acquiring LongIsland.com in January of 2019, Hazen – the well-known owner of businesses such as LaunchPad Long Island and BobbleBoss – realized that his vision of taking the site to the next level would require new branding in the form of updated logo; the original has been a near-constant on the site since it originally launched in 1996.
“I'm very familiar with the current logo…I recall the days when I would be driving down the LIE and I would see it on signs and moving trucks. It's a well-known logo, but it just needs a modernized look, potentially a refresh,” he said. “Over the years brands like Google, AOL and Coke have been very subtle with changes they've made to their logos. So with the new ownership of LongIsland.com and the new vision of creating a media company and creating new content and things that Long Islanders want to be engaged with, I'm looking to refresh the brand.”
“We're looking from submissions from anyone. They can be a skilled, professional artist, someone in school, somebody who's retired, or just someone who has an overwhelming love for Long Island and all of the things that make it special,” he said.
As for what form the new logo should take, Hazen is giving Long Island residents a fairly free hand in utilizing their creativity help usher LongIsland.com into a new era, as long as their entries evoke the look and feel of what makes Long Island one of the greatest places to live, work, and play.  
“Most people, when they think of Long Island, picture the beaches, the food, the boats, the nightlife, and a number of other iconic things,” Hazen said. “I'm looking for a refreshed logo that will become iconic and that people will automatically associate with Long Island and LongIsland.com. The new logo should illustrate what Long Island is all about.”
Submissions are due by the end of business on March 15th, 2019. All submissions should be sent to logo@longisland.com. Initial entries can be of any style, graphical resolution, and image format, but contenders for the winning entry may be asked to potentially create a higher-quality version suitable for publication if they are able to do so. 
Entries are given a wide degree of creative freedom, but the text “LongIsland.com” must be included in any logo design or it will be rejected.
The winner will be publicly announced on a date to be determined after the end date of the contest. If a significant number of high-quality submissions are received by the end of business on March 15th, 2019, a second round of judging may take place amongst a selected group of finalists. Selected entries – including the winning entry – will be announced and displayed on the LongIsland.com website. LongIsland.com reserves the right to not display/reject any entry for any reason whatsoever.
The winning design will be featured on the LongIsland.com website, as well as any affiliated websites owned by Long Island Media – LongIsland.com’s parent company – and in all manner of advertising and promotional materials, including physical signage, print media, and digital.
The winner will receive the Ultimate Long Island Gift Package, which shall include but not be limited to, gift cards to restaurants, hotel stay, apparel, limo ride and more! The package will feature a variety of Long Island's goods and services.
All entries become the sole property of LongIsland.com and Long Island Media. The creator of the winning entry will be contacted by Long Island Media, and will receive full public credit for their logo design. Long Island Media reserves the right to re-create, edit and/or alter the winning entry in any way whatsoever needed to suit marketing and advertising purposes without prior consent of the creator.
We look forward to your participating designs and good luck!