LongIsland.com's Flight Schedule Page Makes It Easier for Locals & Tourists to Plan Their Trips To and From Long Island


LongIsland.com's updated, interactive Flight Schedule Page will make it easier for travelers to stay informed about upcoming arrivals, departures, schedule changes and updates.

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Kigns Park, NY - February 25th, 2014 - To better serve the locals and out-of-towners utilizing LI's local airports to get to and from Long Island on a daily basis for both business and leisure activities, LongIsland.com launched a brand new Flight Schedule Page this month, featuring up to date schedules for all of the flights that travel to and from LI each day. This new section features up to date information on all of the local flights to and from MacArthur, LaGuardia, and JFK,  including delays, cancellations, and schedule changes.

This new tool  was created to compliment LongIsland.com's long-established Airport Directory, which includes all of the contact information and important service details about all of the airports, both small and large,  located here on Long Island. Sifting through such a large amount of information can be daunting to travelers, and the friends and family tasked with picking them up at the airport,  which is why it only made sense for LongIsland.com to create a simple, easy-to-read resource for locals to utilize. The Flight Schedule Page is designed to make traveling to and from Long Island more simple - allowing travelers to access the information about LI's airports with ease, and all in one place.

Since its initial launch in 1996, LongIsland.com has been a go-to resource for locals looking to find out more about all that is happening on Long Island, and the site’s regular updates and expansions to content help it continue to thrive. As the site continues to grow in popularity, so it does in information, with new resources, guides, listings, and news being added and updated daily – providing Long Island with comprehensive and accurate detail, no matter what is being searched for. In addition to the new Flight Schedule Resource, LongIsland.com provides information on the best upcoming events, dining, shopping, and nightlife for LI, as well as the latest local news, insights, and press releases.

The LongIsland.com Flight Arrival & Departure Page is just one of the useful tools available for Long Islanders on the site, which continues to expand daily in order to meet the demands of locals and tourists that are searching for all things Long Island.