When It Comes to Selecting the Correct Caregivers for Your Loved Ones, Carepatrol Makes All the Difference


CarePatrol of Suffolk County specializes in helping to match families with assisted living providers for themselves, their parents, or anyone else who needs a little extra help in their day-to-day lives.

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When your parent or relative – or anyone else that you hold dear – has reached the point in their lives where they need to consider moving somewhere that can offer them daily assistance to continue living a healthy, comfortable and fulfilling life, the sheer number of choices and variables may at first seem daunting. However, there’s one organization that can help you traverse those obstacles and help your loved one make the right choice for their continued well-being.

CarePatrol of Suffolk County – part of a franchise that has existed nationally for over 20 years – specializes in helping to match families with assisted living, independent living, memory care, and in-home care providers, whether it’s for themselves, their parents, or anyone else getting up in years who needs a little extra help in their day-to-day lives.
According to Suffolk CarePatrol Director Peter Sidote, his organization will thoroughly research the care and violation history of every community that they work with, and give their clients tours of facilities that match their individual criteria best.
“We’re there for the family or the individual every step of the way…a lot of people will decide that they have become too much of a burden on their families, or themselves, and that it’s time to get some help,” Sidote said. “We can help you get your house sold, tie up any financial issues, answer any questions…we work with financial advisors, elder care attorneys, real estate firms and social workers. We’re kind of like a one-stop shop in that regard.”
Overall, Care Patrol is comparable to a real estate agent, who will find out the needs of a buyer and then attempt to match them up with the right home that’s in the right price range and neighborhood; the difference here is that that Care Patrol’s services are always 100 percent free for their clients, Sidote said.
“We’re a community service, so it doesn’t cost anyone anything to use us…the way that we get paid is from the hundreds of communities that we work with across Long Island,” he said. “Our services cost absolutely nothing for our clients.”
Upon engaging their services, CarePatrol will go over your financial position, physical needs, health, preferred activity level, and anything and everything else pertaining to the lifestyle that you or your loved one wants to have; this degree of detail ensures that clients will be matched up with the facility that best suits their needs.
“There are a lot of similar services out there that will put you on a list if you contact them, and numerous assisted living facilities that aren’t familiar with you and your needs will start contacting you…the chances of getting matched up with the right home are slim,” Sidote said. “It’s vital that you be matched up with the right facility. Do you want to be active? Do things with other people? Do you have specific medical needs? That’s where we come in…we sit down with you and your family, talk about what exactly you want, need, and can realistically afford with the money and assets you have on-hand.”
Once a client finds a home that they feel is a good fit, CarePatrol will take them and their families to tour the community, meet the staff, and see how they feel about it; if it’s a fit, CarePatrol will then do everything in their power to ensure that the transition for their client is as gentle and seamless as possible.
Sidote, whose previous background is in the home improvement industry, has served as the Director of CarePatrol of Suffolk County – along with his business partner Salvatore – since last year. However, he has been a very active member of his Hauppauge community for many years, and when the opportunity arose to play a role in assisting vulnerable people maintain the lifestyles they wanted and needed, he didn’t hesitate to get involved.
“I was a volunteer firefighter for 10 years, and I’ve been very involved in town events and in coaching youth lacrosse…I was always into helping people,” Sidote said. “So when the opportunity came to buy a franchise with CarePatrol, my partner and I were interested because his father is going through Alzheimer's and he found it very hard and stressful to find the right care for him. There was no service available to help, so we realized that this was something that the community needed. We both became certified senior advisers and it’s been nothing but great since.”
At the end of the day, Sidote said that being able to help families to ensure that their loved ones are able to get the level of care and support that they need – and can realistically afford – is worth all the hard work that he and his CarePatrol staff put in, day-in and day-out.
“It feels great, but it feels great because when you tour these communities and you talk to the senior population, there are people who are in the wrong spots because they didn’t know where to look and they’re not getting the level of care that they need to thrive,” he said. “Compare that to someone who sits down with us, picks where they want to go, they’re close to family, they can afford it, and they’re getting the level of care that they need…that’s a night and day difference.”
To find out more about Care Patrol of Suffolk County, please call 631-365-2943 or visit https://www.carepatrol.com.