Governor Cuomo Announces Proposal in 2020 Executive Budget to Protect, Strengthen Net Neutrality In New York

Codifies in State Law Executive Order 175, Which Requires Internet Service Providers to Offer Equal Access to Internet Content.

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Photo by: Free-Photos

New York, NY - January 30, 2019 - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced as part of his fiscal year 2020 Executive Budget a new proposal to protect and strengthen net neutrality in New York. The proposal codifies in State law Executive Order 175, which Governor Cuomo issued last year, requiring internet service providers to offer equal access to internet content.  
"In New York State, we believe equal access to internet content is crucial to a strong democracy and robust economy," Governor Cuomo said. "The FCC's dangerous rollback of net neutrality puts corporations over people and goes against our fundamental belief in the free exchange of ideas. By codifying this executive order into state law, we are ensuring that the internet remains free and open to all in the Empire State."
Governor Cuomo signed Executive Order 175 on January 24, 2018. Through EO 175, New York's state government was directed not to enter into any contracts for internet service unless the internet service providers agree to follow net neutrality principles.
In December of 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality rules, which had required internet service providers to offer equal access to internet content. The repeal went into effect in June of 2018.