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Life Got You Down? “Feeling Well with Danielle” Can Help You Feel Better Inside and Out

Danielle Rosner of Jericho is here to help guide you down the path of self-improvement with a uniquely holistic approach to health, wellness and lifestyle.

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Danielle Rosner is a certified holistic fitness and nutrition coach.

Photo by: Feeling Well with Danielle

As the vast majority of people out there these days can attest to, it can be difficult to juggle life, a job, and family responsibilities while leaving enough room for self-care. Often, doing what you need to ensure that you look and feel your best – both inside and out – is the first thing left by the wayside in the everyday process of just getting by.
However, one Long Island woman is here to help guide you down the path of self-improvement in a “virtual” manner that provides a uniquely holistic approach to health, wellness and overall lifestyle.
Danielle Rosner of Jericho is a certified holistic fitness and nutrition coach and owner of “Feeling Well with Danielle,” a website that she utilizes to connect with clients anywhere in the world seeking to better themselves. Rosner offers three-, six-, and nine-week one-on-one programs where she really gets to know her clients and, in doing so, can tailor an eating and exercise regimen for their specific needs and goals.
“I work together with my clients to identify not only the foods that we consume – what I like to call our ‘secondaryfoods’ – but also that we focus on our ‘primary foods’ such as our spiritual practices, job, finances,, relationships, and more,” she said. “We make sure that we’re fully in alignment and see where we’re falling short with those primary foods, and then I’ll bring it to a nutrition-oriented standpoint. It’s a more holistic approach to health and nutrition, because you can eat healthy, but if you’re unhappy in other areas of your life, it’s not going to matter what you’re eating.”
Rosner notes that she likes to focus on a plant-based lifestyle, although this by no means denotes a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet; instead, she said that her goal is to simply teach clients the benefits of eating more of the green stuff a daily basis.
“I want to help my clients understand what ‘plant-based’ really means and how you can easily look for it in the supermarket,” she said. “I supply meal plans and recipes to help them incorporate more of that into their life.”

Rosner notes that she likes to focus on a plant-based lifestyle. Photo Credit: Feeling Well with Danielle
In addition to one-on-one programs, another aspect of “Feeling Well with Danielle” is Rosner’s partnership with a leading fitness platform for a group approach to fitness, where multiple clients can make use of  exercise routines recommended by Rosner. The group aesthetic of this program can provide an additional level of accountability for those that find maintaining motivation while working alone a difficult process.
“I offer essentially a ‘Netflix’ of over 2,500 workouts tailored for any level, so once I’ve ascertained a client’s needs, I’ll put them on a specific exercise program and a nutritional program,” she said. “The beautiful thing about this package is that I have a community of men and women that will go through it with you. Through a private app, we support each other, we track what we do, share tools and tips and resources…it really helps people stay on top of their goals, even if they have a busy schedule.”
Rosner also offers a daily Zoom video session – essentially a virtual gym – where people can hop in and out, so you’re never alone on your journey; that openness and sharing with others is all a part of what she says sets her apart from other health and exercise coaches out there.
“I too am going through my own journey. I do the same things I’m giving my clients, and I’m sharing that every day,” she said. “I show up for the Zoom session every day, and I’m not just sharing my workout, I’m sharing my life. I share my journeys, my struggles, and my hobbies, so I connect with many different people.”
Even the most elite health and exercise coaches have to start from somewhere, and Rosner is no exception. She readily admits to having a past fraught with eating and exercise issues that she managed to overcome by educating herself, and by immersingherself into a plant-based lifestyle she found a number of wellness benefits that persist to this very day.
“I stopped taking medication for acne, I stopped taking medication for my thyroid, and so many other benefits. I hope to spread awareness and break the stigma of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle,” she said. “You can not only survive on a plant-based diet, but thrive.”
Feeling Well with Danielle also offers mentoring programs where clients can receive coaching instruction and, in turn, go out and assist others with the knowledge they have learned.

Rosner can tailor an eating and exercise regimen for her clients' specific needs and goals. Photo Credit: Feeling Well with Danielle
Rosner’s latest way of communicating her message of health and wellness is via the “Feeling Well with Danielle Podcast,” where she takes a deeper dive into her world of holistic wellness than the resources her website will allow. She typically welcomes many guests and offers a plethora of stories, strategies and tips on how to live and feel better.
Ultimately, not many people get to take something that they love and are passionate about, and turn it not only into a full-time career, but help people improve their own lives while they’re at it. The fact that Rosner has been able to achieve all of this in a relatively short span of time – she only started Feeling Well with Danielle in 2018 – is something that she is very thankful for, she said.
“I feel very fortunate and very blessed that I’ve been able to do some purposeful and fulfilling work,” she said. “Spiritual growth and contribution are two things that are very important to me, and I feel that I’ve been able to make those two human needs my purpose in my work. It’s definitely hard work, but when you’re doing what you love and you’re making the world a better place…I feel very fulfilled.”
To find out more, please visit or visit the Feeling Well with Danielle Instagram page.