Former Navy Seal from Hampton Bays Convicted of Aggravated Sex Abuse

A Hampton Bays man who is a former Navy Seal was convicted of two counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse.

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Dylan Flynn, 24, of Hampton Bays convicted.

Photo by: SCDA.

Hampton Bays, NY - January 20, 2017 - A Hampton Bays man who is a former Navy Seal was convicted of two counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the 3rd degree, a class D violent felony after a two week trial and fifty five minutes of deliberation by a Suffolk County jury.

Dylan Flynn, 24, of Hampton Bays, was an active duty member of the United States Navy.  Flynn was under investigation by the Navy, specifically NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) for an unrelated matter in Florida.  As part of that investigation Flynn turned over his personnel cell phone to investigators there. Upon reviewing the contents of his phone NCIS investigators discovered five video clips from June 30, 2014 depicting Flynn and a codefendant Timothy Wheeler inserting two screw drivers into the intimate parts of a naked and obviously unconscious woman lying in bed. Flynn and Wheeler identified the victim by name on camera and described her as “vulnerable”. They sexually abused her while filming her, laughing and joking about what they were doing.
After determining where the video had been made NCIS immediately contacted authorities in Suffolk County who along with investigators from the District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Police located the crime scene at a private home in Hampton Bays. They were also able to speak to the victim who was unaware of what the defendants had done to her until she was shown the video from defendant Flynn’s cell phone.
District Attorney Spota praised NCIS investigators for their quick action in identifying the jurisdiction where the video was made and notifying local authorities and prosecutors for “making sure the defendant was held accountable for his role in this despicable crime.”
Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said prosecutors will recommend Flynn be sentenced to a lengthy jail term at his sentencing on March 20th in Riverhead.  Judge Barbara Kahn remanded the defendant and set bail at $50,000 bond with a $25,000 cash alternative. Co-defendant Timothy Wheeler had previously pleaded guilty to the charges.  His sentencing is set for January 30th.