Mógū Upends What You Know About Chinese Takeout in Farmingdale


Using air-fryers and high tech, this is not your typical Chinese restaurant.

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Photo: Mógū Modern Chinese Kitchen Facebook page.

Chinese takeout is as much a staple on Long Island as pizzerias and bagel stores. In every strip mall across the Island, you’re almost guaranteed to find one of each. So why mess with what seems like success?


At Mógū Modern Chinese Kitchen the owners are looking to upend what you know about Chinese food here taking the wok and oil fryers and adding smart tech and air-baking techniques to create a more modern experience from the one we have come to know (and love because who can’t argue that their go-to Chinese takeout place isn’t the best one!)


They are, as they say on their website, “flavor-forward, ingredient-conscious, and freshness-obsessed.”


The decor is modern, the food prep is modern, and according to a review in Newsday, the owner is Mike Wang, the son of parents who operated your typical Chinese food joints and who has an ivy league education. And he still ended up in the kitchen albeit through a different route.


He plans to change what you think you know about Chinese takeout.


The interior is industrial and contemporary, their logo is stylized and cool, and the  menu is full of all your favorites, prepared with modern precision. It’s also full of all your familiar favorites like Chicken with Broccoli ($9.95), Emperor Tso’s Chicken - ok that’s a little different ($9.95), and your Classic Wonton Soup ($4.95). But they also offer much more.


Melissa R., of Farmingdale, said on Yelp that the food was amazing and has made her into a convert to the modern style.


“Will not go to my local Chinese same old same old restaurant again,” she said.


Andrew C, of Melville agreed.


“What I believe marks this Chinese food restaurant remarkably successful is their air fried concept and their very efficient order/carry-out process,” he wrote on Yelp. “Their innovative style tech-driven restaurant concept is quite outstanding. Mogu [sic] construct for cooking Chinese food is ingenious for today's health minded culture.”


Location: 1006 Broadhollow Rd Bldg 4 Space 2A Farmingdale, (631) 257-3831.