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Founded in 1990, National Grid is a British-based utilities provider that distributes gas and runs electric grids in England as well as much of the Northeastern United States. Today, the company is responsible for gas transmission services in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, as well as Far Rockaway, and operates a liquefied natural gas storage facility in Holtsville.

Nat Grid announced its intention to acquire KeySpan—Long Island’s previous gas operator, which had replaced the gas division of LILCO in 1998—in early 2006 and completed the process by late 2007 after receiving approval from the US government and regulatory agencies. National Grid USA is headquartered in Massachusetts and is now the second largest utility in the country, serving well over 3 million customers.

In addition to bringing gas into homes, National Grid takes numerous safety precautions to protect houses and businesses. Though natural gas is normally odorless and colorless, the company adds a sulfuric “rotten egg” smell to make the gas easily detectable in the event of a gas leak.


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