Stuff Stockings with Cheer Without Breaking the Bank: Stocking Stuffers Under $10

This Christmas, you won't have to skimp on fun when it comes to stuffing stockings - there are plenty of great gifts under $10 that your family is sure to love!

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We're just two weeks away from Christmas, and maybe you've finished the majority of your holiday shopping, but what about treats & toys for stuffing stockings with? If you're stumped on stocking stuffers, and don't want to break the bank, no problem! We've found lots of wonderful treats, gizmos, gadgets, toys, trinkets, and surprises that are perfect for stuffing stockings with this Christmas!

No matter who is on your list - friends, spouses, parents, siblings,  or of course good little boys and girls, there are plenty of great gifts under $10 that are perfectly sized for stuffing stockings with.

For Kids
Finding stocking stuffers for kids might seem like an easy task, but it can get tricky if you're trying to stay on a budget!

  • Wooden/Cardboard Glider Airplanes. What kid doesn't like paper airplanes? They're a ton of fun for the kids, and best of all, they're cheap! If you're shopping for more than one child, offers a 12 Pack of Gliding Planes for only $5.49, and free shipping for Prime Members! Gliders also make a great gift for the young at heart! Cost: $1 - $6.
  • Candy Coal. Candy Coal is a great gag gift for kids of all ages, and it is available at most major retailers in the form of gum or chocolate. Chocolate Coal is also a fun, lighthearted item to put in the stocking of anyone who's been naughty this holiday season. Cost: $1 - $5.
  • Bubbles. Always a favorite no matter the season, bubbles are a great gift for kids under ten, and can be a lot of fun in the Winter! Cost: 50 cents - $5.
  • Jump Rope. Another classic item, jump rope will encourage kids to get out and keep moving this Winter, even when it's cold! Cost: $2 - $6.
  • Card Games. Card Games such as Uno are a ton of fun for kids of all ages, and they'll be played with for years to come! Cost: $5 - $10+.

For Teens
It can seem impossible to pick the right gifts out for teens, but certain small items such as ear buds are always a hit!

  • Earbud Headphones.  Earbud Headphones are a popular item for teens - they're perfect for listings to music on the bus to school, while they work out, or go on walks, and they're just the right size for a stocking. Depending on the quality of the earbuds, you can pick up a pair for anywhere from $1 to $10+, but many fall within the $5 to $10 range, and are available from a variety of retailers including Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Cost: $1 - $10+.
  • Keychain Flash Drive. Flash Drives are great for saving school work, photos, and other important documents. Your teen is sure to love a Key Chain Flash Drive, which is easy to clip onto your keys, making it impossible to (almost) lose! Cost: $7 - $10, depending on Flash Drive Memory Size.
  • Lip Gloss. An ever-popular item with teenage girls, lip gloss is a great stocking stuffer idea. Many drug stores and beauty retailers even have special holiday sets on sale, making it an even better bargain! Cost: $2 - $10.
  • Travel Coffee Mug. Whether your teen prefers coffee or hot cocoa, an on-the-go Travel Coffee Mug is really great for any drinks, and perfect for when they're rushing to get to school or practice! Cost: $5 - $10+.

For Him
Guys can be hard to shop for - especially if they're the type to go out and purchase things they want for themselves during the holiday season, so you might need to get a little bit creative with your stocking stuffers.

  • Beef Jerky. Jerky is a great on the go snack that's packed with protein, and many men consider it a go-to favorite when it comes to snacks! You can pick up inexpensive, "travel size" packages of jerky at the Dollar Store, or you can go to any grocery store a pick up a regular sized bag of jerky for $6-8. Cost: $1 - $8.
  • Dollar Shave Club Membership. Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service that sends razors directly to your mailbox on monthly or every other month, and it's a great gift for any guy. Razors range from $1 to $9 a month, and if you order early, you can get the first box of razors and the razor handle to stuff the stocking with! Cost: $6 - $108, depending on plan chosen.
  • Beer Savers. These neat little rubber tops are perfect for the guy who takes a couple of sips of beer, but doesn't always finish the bottle. You simply need to pop the Beer Saver Cap on the top of the bottle, and put it back in the fridge, and it will keep your beer carbonated, so you can finish it later. Cost: $6.99 - $9.95, depending on retailer.
  • Mini Flashlight. It's always good to have a Miniature Flashlight on Hand! Miniature Flashlights are available at stores such as Harbor Freight and Home Depot, as well as many Outdoor Sporting Goods Stores. Cost: $1 - $5.
  • Whiskey Stones. Whiskey Stones have become quite the hot item over the past few years, and as they've grown in popularity, they've also become more widely available. If you're buying for a whiskey drinker, they make a perfect stocking stuffer, and are available from retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Specialty Retailers. Cost: $8 - $10+.

For Her
Acing the big gifts is easy, it's the little things that can get a bit tricky! We've got some great ideas for

  • Her Favorite Hand Lotion in a Travel Size. Beauty Stores such as Ulta and Bath & Body Works are offering travel sized lotions in a variety of great scents this holiday season. Travel Sized Lotions are perfect for on the go, and will make a great addition to any stocking! Note: Be sure to put the lotion toward the top of the stocking, and do not put anything heavy on top of it, so that it does not accidentally open, or get damaged. Cost: $1 - $10.
  • Nail Polish. Even if you're unsure of what her favorite nail polish color is, you can always go with something classic such as red, nude color, maroon, or even a clear coat! Many Cosmetic Stores are even offering special holiday nail polish collections, which makes shopping all the easier! Cost: $1 - $10.
  • Wine Bottle Stoppers. A festive holiday Wine Stopper is a fun stocking stuffer for any wine drinker, and is available at most major retailers. Cost: $4 - $10+.
  • Portable Phone Battery Charger. If you're looking for stocking stuffers for an On-The-Go Woman, then a Backup Phone Battery is a great idea. Amazon has a Universal Micro-USB on the go charger available for $9.99, and they can be found at major retailers for $10 and Up. Cost: $9.99 & Up.

If you've still got space, and have a few bucks to spend, springing for some holiday-themed Lottery Tickets is a fun way to add some excitement to your Christmas Morning. If all else fails, head over to your local Dollar Store - you're sure to find some fun stocking stuffers there, and hey - everything is just a buck!

What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas? Let us know in the comments below!