Bridal Showers 101: How to Arrange an Enjoyable Afternoon for Everyone

Check out these creative tips to planning the ideal bridal shower that everyone will enjoy!

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For all of the bridesmaids and maid of honors out there, planning a bridal shower for your bride can become a bit stressful. First, you have to pick a date that works for everyone in the bridal party, then you must choose a venue that is perfect for the celebration. 
If you decide to have it at a restaurant or a hall, chances are you will want to save as much money as you can in other areas. A great idea is to try and do a lot of the decorating on your own to help save some money. Give each bridesmaid a task to do so no one gets too overwhelmed. 
An even better way to help not break the bank is to have the party at someone’s house! This will allow you to spend money on other things such as the food, decor and gifts. Decorate the front door so guests can be welcomed in a fun manner then use streamers all throughout the home. You can choose a theme if you’d like or you can simply use the wedding colors to decorate! 
Take a look at these creative ways to make your friends bridal shower a memorable time for everyone:

Play Games 
Games set a fun atmosphere and allows everyone invited to really get involved. Set up games that will make your guests think a bit, such as “Who Knows the Bride Best?” or “Questions About the Bride and Groom” to make it a bit more difficult. 

Mimosa Bar
Since most bridal showers occur earlier in the day, why not sip on some mimosas while celebrating? Set up a mimosa bar complete with champagne, orange juice and strawberries.

Guest Book
Have something that the guests can sign so the bride can look back on this fun event and see what everyone wished for her. Think outside the box and get something unique for them to sign rather than a traditional guest book. Purchase a large wooden letter for the bride’s first name and have her friends and family sign it. This is a neat idea and can be used as decor in her home, too! Another plus about this idea is that you can paint the letter to match the bridal shower colors.

Self-Addressed Envelopes
While the guests are signing the guest book, place a table next to it where each person can write their name and address on an envelope. These will later on be sent out as the thank-you’s! This will save the bride a lot of time and will make it so much easier to send out. 

Who Got What?
As the bride is opening her gifts, one of the bridesmaids can write down what each person got for her. This too will help later on when it comes to writing out the thank you notes. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of who bought what, so this will make it incredibly easy!

When it comes to the food, if you are having it catered, keep it simple. Maybe do some appetizers, finger sandwiches and desserts. This will keep the cost down and are easy for everyone to eat while mingling. If you are going to be preparing the food yourselves, designate each bridesmaid to a dish they would like to make and bring to the party. Along with each dish, they can bring a dessert type food such as cupcakes or fruit and veggies for a more healthy touch.

Date Suggestions for the Couple
Add a twist to the bridal shower by having a large mason jar filled with entertaining date ideas for the soon-to-be-married couple! Purchase some paper and pens to set up at each table so all the guests can give the couple some hints to a relaxing evening or a fun day out together. Decorate the outside of the mason jar so the couple can’t read the ideas ahead of time, that way it’s a surprise every time!


Have a bridal shower idea you would like to share with us? Comment below!