Head To The Polls! November 4th is Election Day!


With Election Day drawing near, make sure that you are prepared to make your voice count!

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Though Election Day isn't a federal holiday, New Yorkers do live in one of the eight U.S. states that declare it a civic holiday. Occurring on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, Election Day is held to allow citizens of the United States to elect public officials in public voting. Presidential elections may only be held every four years, but each election day is still of vital importance to local and federal governments each and every year. During this year's elections, New Yorkers will have the ability to vote on candidates for the House of Representatives, state executives, State Senate, State Assembly, and local school boards.

While George Washington was elected during the first U.S. presidential election between December of 1788 and January of 1789, an exact election date wasn't set by Congress until 1845. In order to avoid clashing with the established Electoral College law outlining a 34-day maximum between election and the date when electors must meet in the state capital, the Tuesday following November's first Monday was chosen. As an interesting fact to note, the decision to set Election Day on a Tuesday was not simply arbitrary. Since America society was still based heavily in agriculture, Tuesday was decided upon in an effort to avoid the Sabbath day and local market days, which typically fell on Wednesdays.

In order to make your trip to the polls a successful one, check out the following tips to making the voting process quick and easy:

  • Make sure that everything is in order before you head to the polls. Ensure that you are registered to vote and have proper identification.
  • In your preparation, it's important to research and be well-versed in the individuals and issues that you will be voting on.
  • Check to make sure that you are going to the correct voting location based on the area you registered in.
  • If you are scheduling voting around work, try and find a time that works the best for you. If time is not available to vote outside work, check with your employer to see if a voting break period is permitted.
  • Relax and take your time; the voting process should not be stressful, and taking it slowly can prevent errors and mistakes on your ballot.

Many companies and businesses will be celebrating the date by offering special discounts, events, and freebies to entice individuals to go out and vote:

  • Swing Dance Long Island, Inc. is hosting a special Election Day Swing Dance at 7:30 PM. The event will take place at Huntington Moose Lodge in Greenlawn, and will feature DJ music and a hot buffet.
  • For transportation to and from the polls, All Island Transportation, All Island Yellow Cab, East Rockaway Taxi, Glen Belle Taxi, Ollie's Taxi & Airport Service, and Taxi Latino will be providing free location transportation to physically challenged individuals and senior citizens. Call your local company for availability.
  • Transportation company Uber is offering free or discounted rides near many U.S. cities to allow people to get to the polls quickly and efficiently. 
  • The Gold Coast International Film Festival in North Hempstead will be hosting a Kids Film Day on the afternoon of Election Day, complete with free pizza and wings from Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza.
  • Select 7-11's and Dunkin' Donuts are providing discounted coffee deals on the morning of election day; check your individual store for participation and availability.

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Photo by Kiristen Price, via Free Images.