Worth the trip: Little Vincent’s cold slice pizza in Huntington


Truck out to Huntington for this famous pizza slice.

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Photo from Little Vincent's Pizza Facebook page.

Little Vincent's Pizza

329 New York Ave

Huntington, NY 11743

(631) 423-9620


There’s pizza as we know it. Pipping hot, triangular, sauce and cheese that will burn the roof of your mouth if you don’t let it cool first, oil dripping on your pants unless your careful, steam visibly curling off the surface. Then there’s the congealed, cold, next day, no-time-to-heat-it-up-and-why-would-you-want-to slice that tastes better than it should or sounds.


Then there is the cold pizza slice from Little Vincent’s Pizza in Huntington. A no-nonsense pizzeria with a sorta no nonsense creation. Take a pipping hot slice of pizza and then heap a lump of cold shredded mozzarella on top.


This also tastes better than it should or sounds.


Popular with people who love pizza in all its forms, drunks, and just anyone who is tired of the same-old same-old and is brave enough to try something new.


The hot pizza starts to melt the cold mozzarella where they meet but the top stays cold. Fold it so you don’t lose a strand of the cheese.


Like this special slice itself, don’t judge a book by its cover. Little Vincent’s is your run of the mill Long Island pizzeria but it has a cult-like following who swear it’s the best around even for a classic slice.