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College Connection. The Cure for the Common App!

Does the mere thought of applying to college leave you dazed, dizzy and confused? College Connection, your one-stop source for college planning, counseling and support, has the cure for what ails you!

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The Perfect Storm

With the college application season in full swing, and with it, the angst, frustrations and anxieties of students and parents reaching a pinnacle, you find yourselves overwhelmed. The confluence of conflicting deadlines, endless paperwork, constant pressure, and information overload.

It is easy, as you navigate the road to college, not only to get lost, but to become inundated by the voluminous amount of information out there. Once beset, then besieged, good luck getting back on the right track.

Expert Guidance

High school guidance counselors, like travel agents helping you prepare for a tour around the world, are an excellent resource. Use them (but please, don't abuse them). The Internet, too, is an invaluable tool and an essential source of information, provided you know how to use it effectively, where to look, and how not to fall prey to the wealth of misinformation that is only a mouse click away.

Just what is it that an independent college planning counselor -- at least a good college planning counselor -- can and should do for you? Among other things (aside from hand-holding and nerve-soothing), he will set an agenda, so critical to college admission success, giving you a clear and concise road map, showing you the where, the when and the how.

Beyond GPA and SAT

The College Connection counselor will help you decide, based upon a thorough assessment and evaluation of a multitude of factors, which colleges would be a perfect fit, and what strategies would likely yield the best shot at actually getting into the college of choice.

Is that "reach" school really within reach? Is there a way to manage my profile on the admission officer's matrix so as to improve my chances of admission? Does my personal essay give me voice and help me stand out above the crowd? Am I doing everything I possibly can to enhance my application, or have I done too much? What kind of questions will I be asked during my admission interview? Will I even have an admission interview? And, of course, there's the penultimate question on every parent's mind, "How in blazes am I going to pay for all of this?"

Value and Peace of Mind

That's what College Connection, the first and last words in college admissions counseling, offers the college-bound. It's all about empowering students and giving parents peace of mind.

With respect to the expense of retaining a college planning professional, do not think merely of cost alone, but rather, of the value of this now necessary service in an increasingly tedious, complex and stressful process. Think, too, of the serenity, knowing that you are being guided in the right direction to the right schools, and not being waylaid off the beaten path.

You seek the advice of a financial planner when it comes to investing your money. You retain the services of a real estate pro before you buy a house (another major life investment). You spend countless thousands feeding and clothing your child, packing her off to summer camp or on teen tours, nurturing her through 18 years of life. Are you going to stop now, when the finish line is in sight?

Surely not. You are going to do everything within your power to help your child achieve her goals, gain acceptance to a college where she will thrive and be happy, and enable you to pay for it all, without jeopardizing your retirement or robbing the federal reserve.

Your Sherpa Guide Through the Application and Admission Process

When climbing Mount Everest, you retain the services of a Sherpa guide. You would never consider going it alone. When planning to apply to college, who do you call? Who, but College Connection, the Official Sponsor of College Admission Success!

College admission is more competitive than ever. You should be too! We are College Connection, and we're here to help!
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