Can We Bring Back The Family Physician?

A celebrated preventive health facility protects the tradition of the primary care doctor.

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Long gone are the days when physicians gave unlimited time and complete attention to loyal patients. Today, the American healthcare consumer often faces what amounts to a "medical mill", receiving sub-optimum service from hurried primary care doctors who then shuttle them off to equally rushed specialists. Experts agree the impending healthcare reform is more likely to add even greater pressure to an already hard-pressed, dwindling number of available family physicians.
The team of four top primary care doctors at HealthBridge, an acclaimed Long Island healthcare facility, are looking not only to save the concept of the family physician, but to re-invent it for the 21st century. Developed by founder, David Edelson MD, FACP, the HealthBridge Platinum Program was created with the upcoming 2014 U.S. health reforms in mind.
According to Dr. Edelson, "Americans used to visit their family physicians with the familiarity of a close friend. Doctors were a significant part of the family, catering to the medical needs of their patients yet treating each with a personal touch. However, primary care physicians now often get reimbursed less than the real cost of treating each individual patient. As a result, they are forced to significantly decrease the time they spend with each patient, foregoing the kinship and personal guidance that was once cherished by all."
It was in aiming to maintain the highest level of quality, personlized care that the Platinum Program was created. Individuals who become HealthBridge Platinum members are entitled to a comprehensive menu of preventative services including a private gym with state-of-the-art computerized training equipment, nutritional counseling, as well as discounts on natural stress-management and spa services. They also are guaranteed the unrushed attention of their own personal primary care physician, reminiscent of a classic visit from the family doctor, but who is armed with a full array of high tech diagnostic equipment all located right on site.
Dr. Edelson said, "Signing up for the Platinum Program is truly an investment in your future. A parent, their spouse, and even their child can guarantee the personalized services of university affilated family physician, similar to what they may remember from their own childhood. Only this will be in a beautiful, ultra-modern facility with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals dedicated to keeping them in the best possible health.
HealthBridge Platinum has a monthly fee of $149 per member, as well as discounted rates for spouses and children between the ages of 18-26.
HealthBridge Platinum members are entitled to:
24/7 direct cell phone access to the primary care doctor
Dedicated Platinum Hours with no more than 1-2 patients an hour
Scheduled appointments that regularly start on time and priorty access for urgent visits
The services of our Platinum Concierge for all their insurance and scheduling needs
An annual executive-level Health Risk Assessment complete with Body Age Score
Fully Electronic Medical Records
Annual nutritional consultation
Private Platinum waiting area and check out desk
Full gym membership and access to FitLinxx Computerized Training program
Discounts on a wide array of preventative healthcare services and products
The HealthBridge Platinum Program is a solid investment for those wanting to maintain optimum health within an ultra-modern healthcare facility dedicated to meeting their every healthcare need. This is a return to a cherished tradition of true personalized healthcare, and is now available to all.

Dr. Edelson is the founder and medical director of HealthBridge, a nationally recognized preventive health facility. An Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and former director of the Weight Management Clinic at North Shore-LIJ Medical Center, he is widely recognized as one of the nation's top weight loss experts. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Bariatric Medicine, and is a two-time recipient of the Faculty Teaching Award at North Shore/LIJ Medical Center. Dr. Edelson has been a featured speaker on Obesity Management for Medical Grand Rounds at some of the top hospitals in the country. He has published independent research in the Journal of the American Diabetes Association, Nutrition, and has been featured in articles in The New York Times, Woman's Day, and Essence, among many others.

To arrange to speak to David Edelson, M.D. or for more information contact Jennifer Alexatos at (516) 627-4433 or via email at