Long Island's First Surf Park


Father and son from Bay Shore are opening up the first surf park on Long Island!

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Long Island is definitely not the prime surf spot for surfing advocates. Instead of waiting and hoping for a good set of waves, father and son from Bay Shore, Chris and Brett Portera, are planning on building a water park designed just for surfing! Their plan is to use a 4-acre plot of land right off the Long Island Expressway into the first surf park of Long Island where residents can visit to catch some perfect waves. The park will include a 52,000 square-foot pool, open all year round, for anyone to come visit and be ensured that the waves are perfect to surf. 



The opening of this surf park right here on the island is big news, since there are no other surf parks on the island to practice your moves. This surf park may even get more people interested in taking up surfing as a hobby! The father and son duo have been planning this surf park for four years with the goal of setting the standard for surf parks everywhere. However, instead of pulling people away from the ocean, the duo wants to teach people how to surf so that they’re comfortable enough to catch a few waves in the ocean themselves.