Long Island Ticks Carrying a New Disease


A new disease has been discovered in ticks around Long Island called Babesiosis, or Long Island Malaria.

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A new 3-year study has found that ticks in Long Island may not only be carrying Lyme Disease, but also a newly discovered disease called Babesiosis. This disease is also known as Long Island Malaria. A Suffolk County lab has been studying ticks from all over the county for 3 years and have found 8 diseases from 3 different types of ticks. 



However, prevention for these diseases is the same as the regular prevention for Lyme Disease - preventing tick bites by using repellent, wearing clothing that is light in color, checking your clothing after a walk, inspecting your body thoroughly, and walking along trails. All these diseases have similar symptoms such as a low fever, a rash, fatigue, malaise, and generally not feeling well. It is interesting to note, though, that not all ticks carry a disease or diseases at all.