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HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 9 PM EDT THIS EVENING * WHAT...Dangerous rip currents. * WHERE...Southeastern Suffolk County. * WHEN...Through this evening. * IMPACTS...Life-threatening rip currents are likely for all people entering the surf zone. Anyone visiting the beaches should stay out of the surf. Rip currents can sweep even the best swimmers away from shore into deeper water.

Long Island Ticks Carrying a New Disease

A new disease has been discovered in ticks around Long Island called Babesiosis, or Long Island Malaria.

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A new 3-year study has found that ticks in Long Island may not only be carrying Lyme Disease, but also a newly discovered disease called Babesiosis. This disease is also known as Long Island Malaria. A Suffolk County lab has been studying ticks from all over the county for 3 years and have found 8 diseases from 3 different types of ticks. 



However, prevention for these diseases is the same as the regular prevention for Lyme Disease - preventing tick bites by using repellent, wearing clothing that is light in color, checking your clothing after a walk, inspecting your body thoroughly, and walking along trails. All these diseases have similar symptoms such as a low fever, a rash, fatigue, malaise, and generally not feeling well. It is interesting to note, though, that not all ticks carry a disease or diseases at all.