Local Adventures: Get Out With Your Kids This Summer!


Want to do something different with your kids this summer? Check out these ideas!

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Over the summer Long Island is a playground for all of the kids home from school. This is the perfect time to show them some of the Island’s best features. Long Island isn’t just beaches, there are tons of fun and educational activities for you to show your children. From the acres of farmlands out east to the educational museums right in your town, there is no shortage of fun on Long Island.

The great outdoors is at your disposal more than ever during the summer. Taking advantage of this great weather is a wonderful family activity. With the kids home maybe it's time to take a day off for a day of family bonding. These wholesome family friendly activities are sure to provide memories you'll cherish.   

With summer vacation reaching it’s halfway point, time is running out to get out there and do something exciting! While doing the normal things like summer camp or playgrounds, why not do something different? Not only are these activities fun but also they can even be more cost effective than going to the local beach or pool. Admission fees are minimal while the fun is anything but! Here are a few fun ideas:


Fruit Picking:

Heading out to East to the farms is always a fun day for the family. There is a ton of pick your own sites with all sorts of fruits. You can pick fruits or vegetables and buy them right there. Kids will love being able to walk around a farm to find their perfect fruit! Driving down Sound Avenue you'll be able to find a farm in no time.Peaches are great to pick in the summer and make great pies, muffins, or are great just as they are! Be sure to check out Briermere's on the way back for some gret prepared pies!


Just because the kids are off from school doesn’t mean they can’t learn anything. Long Island has a rich history that is brought to life in its many museums. Most towns even have their own museum featuring the history of their town. Check out our event calender for a list of museum sponsored activities this summer! Museums are a great way to beat the summer heat that your kids will enjoy!


Long Island is home to a bunch of animal sanctuaries and zoos. Most of these places run educational programs especially for children over the summer and there is nothing children love more than meeting new animals. Your kids will have an amazing experience seeing all the wildlife that Long Island has to offer, some they may have never even heard of! Give your children the opportunity to make a furry friend will be a day they won’t forget!


Why not take advantage of the good weather and get outside? Long Island’s trails are the perfect place to walk, run, or ride your bike. The summer is the perfect time to make lifestyle changes to get in shape with the whole family. Hiking is a great way to build new good habits together!


If there’s anything that Long Island has, it’s fishing! Surrounded by both fresh and ocean waters, Long Island is ideal for the avid angler. Kids will love the opportunity to go out on either your own boat or a charter boat for a fun day on the water! Marinas such as Captree offer fun days that the whole family will enjoy!