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3 Days to the Body you Desire!

By Phil Sottile I'm sure I have your attention! No, I don't mean that in 3 days you can achieve what every infomercial, "celebrity fitness trainer", self proclaimed guru, or beautiful model (male of female) ...

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By Phil Sottile

I'm sure I have your attention! No, I don't mean that in 3 days you can achieve what every infomercial, "celebrity fitness trainer", self proclaimed guru, or beautiful model (male of female) trainer TOLD you is going to be your ticket to Eden. In the end, nothing is going to beat old-fashioned hard work and drive towards the goal-line!

So, you ask, how pray tell am I supposed to accomplish this amazing feat in only three days?? Well, I'll tell you... My TWO ON, ONE OFF plan-of-attack... FOREVER known herein and here out (now copyrighted!) as my TWO-ONE DIET!!!

ANOTHER DIET YOU ASK??? NO!!! Not a diet, a strategy! A strategy that we will implement to help change your life, drop some unwanted pounds, and help you get going into the direction of improved wellness!

The "2-ONE" diet is simple! You are on this "diet" for two days, off for one. That means you are staying strict 6 days out of every 9. Odds are good that you are going to succeed doing the right thing 2/3 of the time!
What is the right thing? Well, let's briefly discuss the "TWO ON" part:

For two days, we are going to eat very soundly! That means whole grain, lean protein sources (lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, turkey), Veggies (Lots of veggies), and a balanced approach to it all! Below is a sample of your day: LOWER CARBOHYDRATE, MORE VEGGIES, PORTION CONTROL, AND DON'T EAT LATE AT NIGHT - 3 HOURS BEFORE BED!!

Breakfast: Whole grain cereal (1-2 servings per your NEW favorite box), skim milk or fat free milk for taste. OR, Whole grain wrap, 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, salsa.

Lunch: Chicken salad (or other meat, turkey,egg) lightly sprinkled almonds or peanuts for crunch, raspberry vinegarette dressing

Afternoon snack: 1 serving dry (crunchy) cereal...or some fruit...or a yogurt with wheat germ.

Dinner: Veggies (lots of veggies - the greener the better! String beans, spinach, green beans, lima beans, or the like) 6 oz. of protein (lean sirloin, chicken, fish, turkey) and a SMALL portion of carbohydrate (brown rice, red potato, whole grain pita)

ONE DAY OFF! What does one day off mean? Well, that means that you do EXACTLY the same thing as your two days on, but on ONE DAY OFF, you enjoy a meal, drink, or desert that you like! That may mean pasta for diner, cheesecake after "Din, Din", or perhaps a glass of wine on the side! ONE luxury, NOT ALL! Remain doing the two day strategy, but enjoy ONE meal during this one day off that you will enjoy. That way, you are strict for 2 days, off on the third, and realize a reprieve from "the diet".

Pretty simple stuff without overcomplicating your life. Trust me, I have seen great things happen with a scheme of this sort. Of course, everyone is an individual and individual likes, dislikes, medical needs, food allergies, and food avoidances need to be considered. Consult the appropriate practitioner before changing your daily eating strategy and get yourself on the road to Eden - Enjoy all the APPLES you like!!


About the Author:

Phil Sottile is the director and owner of Fitness Together and Intelligent Fitness. He is a Master Fitness Trainer skilled in various areas of fitness sciences and recognized by the top organizations in the fitness industry. Phil is a featured writer for several magazines and websites, a sought after expert in the area of Fitness Program Development and Design, a leader in Drug Free Bodybuilding Promotion, an author, lecturer, motivational speaker, educator, and TV Show Host. For more information you can visit Phil's site at