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Oracle ebs is making business administration more easy

The main purpose of this press release is to make the professional people aware of Oracle EbS and Oracle EbS r12.

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Oracle E-Business suite which is generally known as Oracle EbS is the collection of applications developed and sold by the company Oracle. This is the product that has a suite of software products of an enterprise. It consists of a variety of different modules of software that cover everything such as accounting of a general ledger, management of a clinical trial from manufacturing units to public sectors and everything else. It is equipped with proper technical structure which contains three layers. A layer of database that contains the database of all the applications, a layer of an application server that contains the server of applications and the third layers which is of the development tools consisting of the runtime files for the reports and forms that are used by applications in it.

This structure is of the older version of Oracle EbS and the latest verison that has been launched is Oracle EbS r12. This is the latest version that has been produced by Oracle in the market. This version makes use of the latest version of Application Server of Oracle for supporting the reports and forms which is 10.1.2 x.

The Oracle Ebs r12 is the latest release by the chain of Oracle EbS and this has made Oracle one more step forward towards bringing fusion in the industry. The file system of this r12 release has got the all the new models which includes data, configurations and codes that are segregated very neatly and are very easy to maintain also. The area of COMMON_TOP and APPL_TOP will not be affected by auto config function in this r12 version. All the log files and instance configurations are written in the area of INST_TOP. The ability for sharing the applications and the stack code of technology between multiple instances is provided by Instance Home.

In this version of Oracle EbS r12, OAS 10g is included in application tier. There are three types of groups of services available in this that consists of application tier such as web services - (it is the component of Server of Oracle Application that processes the requests received from the desktops of clients to the network),forms services - (these are provided by mode of form socket or listener servlet of forms to facilitate the firewall usage, proxies, some of the options of networking and balancing of load)and concurrent processing services - (concurrent requests are the processors that works on the services of concurrent processing). When a request is submitted via both applications that are based on forms or based on HTML, a row is added in the table of database and this specifies the running of the program. Then the applicable request is read by this concurrent manager from the database table and the related concurrent program is thus executed.

Oracle EbS is used for smoothing the progress of large scale businesses and for the further smooth running, Oracle Company has developed the category of ERP which is also called modules.