Get the Girl Dating Program

1 Day, 12 plus hours of intensive training. Seminar and In-field Coaching. Limited Seats Available. Go to for more information.

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Long Island's Own Lifestyle, Dating and Pick Up Artist PUA Coaches are having a summer blow out.

You spoke and we listened.

Summer special time and we will only be doing this ONE TIME for the Entire Summer/Year

1 Day, 12 Plus Hour Program, (seminar and infield training)

It will be super intensive training, All Day and All Night. Less talk and More Game.

This Program is going to limited to a much smaller amount than our previous bootcamps. Only 9 People total will be allowed to attend. A waiting list will then be formed. Already 2 spots have been taken.

What is this 1 Day going to teach me?

How to get results! Pure and simple. KISS Keep, It, Simple, Stupid! Results is all that matters and we will be focusing on teaching you the skills it takes to step up and reach that level you want. Now we are not saying that after this one day you will get laid every single night after. That would be absurd, we are saying that after this program you will be on a very clear path to success, stay on that path and in a much shorter time your ideal lifestyle will be reached.

Are you ready,

To be intensively trained to grab that makeup?

To not settle for safety nets like phone numbers?

To take a girls hand and lead her out the door?

This is what our focus will be on, and nothing else!

Go to for more information
You can call our office at 443-863-WOLF or email with questions you may have.